Student Support Services

Academic help, biblical guidance, financial advising, and career support

It’s normal to need a helping hand sometimes. And when it comes to overcoming hurdles and managing stress at college, you’re not alone. The PCC Care Office connects you with tools to succeed in your classes, walk with the Lord, finances, and future career.

Personalized, confidential assistance is available to every PCC student. And it’s as easy as reaching out. You can call, connect online, or stop by in person to schedule an appointment or get more information about PCC Care.

Parents and students, access more information or schedule an appointment on Eagle’s Nest.

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Your PCC Care Services

The PCC Care Office advocates for PCC students by providing them a safe, impartial, and confidential place to receive academic help, biblical guidance, financial advising, and career support, thus equipping them to fulfill God’s will for their lives. In addition, the PCC Care Office collaborates with other departments, professionals, and resources to ensure students receive the help they need.

Academic Help: Academic coaches assist students with tutoring, writing support, and test preparation. Additionally, coaches guide students in overcoming common academic challenges—like staying organized and managing time effectively.

Biblical Guidance: A team of caring advisors is available to provide guidance rooted in the Bible, blended with prayer, and balanced by truth and love. These advisors can provide referrals to licensed professionals for students who need further care.

Financial Advising: A financial advisor is available to help students navigate their financial aid options. Students can learn more about scholarships, on-campus work programs, and other financial aid.

Career Support: Career Services staff are committed to the success of PCC students in college and beyond. They not only provide easily accessible online resources but also help students write résumés and cover letters, prepare for interviews, and connect with employers and mentors.

Meet the PCC Care Director

Dr. Rob Achuff

Dr. Rob Achuff

PCC Care Director

“Challenges are a part of life, which is why PCC Care exists—to help you meet those challenges and complete what God has called you to do.

Whether the challenge you’re facing is personal or academic, the PCC Care Office is ready to assist you.”


PCC Care is designed to be your all-in-one support office—a place where you can receive academic help, biblical guidance, academic tutoring, financial advising, and career support. If you don’t know where to go or who to talk to, PCC Care team will connect you to the right people for your specific situation, getting you the assistance you need.

Any PCC student can get assistance from the PCC Care Office.

All services provided by the PCC Care Office are completely free.

The PCC Care Office is conveniently located on the first floor of the Academic Center, allowing you to walk in and sign up for an appointment. You are also able to remotely access the resources of the PCC Care Office through Eagle’s Nest.

On Eagle’s Nest, you can schedule appointments, use the office contact information to call or email, and access written and video resources to help you with your spiritual, academic, financial, and career questions.

Yes, anything discussed with the PCC Care team is fully confidential, outside of legal mandatory reporting.

The PCC Care Office provides short-term biblical guidance for students who need spiritual support. If you need long-term care from a licensed counselor, the PCC Care Office can refer you to local counselors who can meet your specialized, long-term needs.