Academics FAQ · Frequently Asked Questions

Is PCC an accredited institution?

What quality of education will I receive at PCC?

PCC administration and faculty constantly strive to provide an education that will fully prepare you for your chosen field and exceed the quality of preparation required by your future employers. You will be required to complete a minimum of 120 credit hours to earn a four-year degree, with a “C-” required in all courses in your major field and a “B-” required in some specific courses. Degree requirements include competencies in general education core classes (Bible, English, history, science, mathematics, social sciences, and speech) as well as specialized courses for your major.

The academic experience of our faculty, including advanced degrees and in-field experience, are also carefully considered to provide you with the best education possible. Our faculty members are spiritually committed and demonstrate a strong desire to help students excel academically. Students find that PCC’s caring faculty members are a constant encouragement for their academic progress.

Excellent library facilities are available to PCC students, including a 6-story library complex with over 300,000 volumes, along with on-line resources. Specialized lab and learning resources abound across campus to serve needs of various fields of study.

PCC’s academic standards can be reviewed in detail on our Academic Info page. We are pleased that our students have demonstrated a level of academic quality that has been recognized by many fine graduate schools. Though transfer of credit and acceptance at graduate school depend upon personal academic achievement and requirements of individual institutions, many graduates continue their education at some of America’s finest colleges and universities.

How do you support students academically?

PCC desires to see all students thrive academically.

To help students achieve their academic goals, all students are assigned a Student Success Advisor, who is available throughout the school year to answer career-related questions and to ensure students register for the right courses. Student Success Advisors also monitor the academic progress of their students and provide guidance for those who need additional academic support.

In addition, the Academic Success Office is available free of charge to all students. This office helps students develop effective study habits, test-taking strategies, time-management skills, and other skills that contribute to general academic success. The Academic Success Office also connects students with tutors in a variety of subjects and provides one-on-one writing advice for papers.

Why do Christian schools speak so highly of your education graduates?

The PCC education department trains students with a distinctive Christian philosophy of education to teach in Christian schools. Combining this with excellent hands-on training makes the PCC education graduate highly desired by Christian schools throughout the world. Many Christian schools who have witnessed the excellence in our graduates have sent teachers to PCC for short training sessions or for graduate study to help them gain the training our education students receive.

Our education program is not designed for public school teachers; however, in 2000 the Governor of Florida signed legislation that permits PCC graduates to apply for teacher certification in Florida. If a graduate teaches outside Florida, he may apply for a Certificate of Eligibility from the Florida Department of Education to submit to his state Department of Education, assuming his state has reciprocity with Florida.

How valuable is a nursing degree from PCC?

PCC provides the best possible education in the development of professional knowledge and nursing skills. PCC’s nursing program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and maintains approval by the Florida State Board of Nursing. Nursing students complete over 900 hours of practical nursing experience, giving them an edge over other nursing graduates entering the health care field. Graduates may sit for the nursing exam in any state, not just in Florida. PCC graduates have an excellent success rate in passing this exam, and they serve in positions of leadership and responsibility in a variety of health care settings throughout the world.

Is it easy to get into medical school upon completion of PCC’s pre-medicine emphasis?

It can be challenging to be admitted to medical school from any college or university unless you have excellent grades and Medical College Admission Test scores. PCC helps by requiring pre-medicine students to maintain at least a “B-” in all biology, chemistry, and physics courses. The overall curriculum of PCC’s pre-medicine emphasis provides the kind of experience medical schools are looking for, and this helps graduates in their goal to one day earn an M.D. or other medical degree. PCC graduates have successfully completed degrees at many medical schools including some of America’s most prestigious medical schools.

How will your pre-law emphasis prepare me for applying to law school?

The PCC pre-law emphasis will give you a broad spectrum of liberal arts study, including history, accounting, economics, political science, and criminal justice. This broad basis is important to law schools. PCC graduates with good grades and an excellent Law School Admission Test score have been successfully accepted to many law schools. PCC pre-law graduates are represented in many legal professions, including lawyers, prosecutors, judges, state legislators, and the federal government.

How does PCC assist graduates with job placement?

Career Services provides resources to PCC seniors and alumni seeking internships and employment opportunities. Potential employers post job openings as they become available, and some come to campus to interview graduating seniors.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact us so we can be of better assistance to you. We are excited that you are considering PCC and look forward to having you here as a student!