Finances FAQ · Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to attend PCC?

PCC is one of the most affordable Christian colleges in the nation. To see specific costs, go to the financial information page.

What if I need financial help?

Scholarships, on-campus work, the Fourth Year Tuition-Free program, and student loans are available.

What if I need a job to pay for college?

You can choose off-campus employment or work on campus. To avoid work/class scheduling conflicts and make getting to work easy, over 2,500 students each semester choose to take part in on-campus student employment opportunities.

You can earn money between semesters by working during the 5-week Christmas break or during summer break, which begins early in May. Students who work on campus during Interterm or summer receive free room and board during their stay.

Do I need a loan or grant to pay for college expenses?

PCC students are normally able to pay for college without loans because of the affordable rate, student employment opportunities, and scholarships available. In fact, a recent survey showed that most PCC students are able to graduate debt free. If you find yourself needing a loan, take a look at student loans. Of course, some students take advantage of personal loans and privately funded scholarships. PCC does not accept federal or state funds or government-funded state loans.

Is PCC an eligible institution for me to claim a tuition tax deduction?

Yes, PCC provides 1098-T tax forms to current students. As a core principle, PCC does not accept any federal or state subsidy to finance its operations, even indirectly through federal student aid. Instead, we use private funds to provide financial assistance to students. The 1098-T from PCC is a voluntary authorized disclosure of funds expended for qualified higher education expenses for a possible tax credit toward the personal income tax.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact us. We’re excited you’re considering PCC and would be glad to answer your questions.