Homeschooled Students FAQ · Frequently Asked Questions

What does my high school transcript need to include?

Your transcript needs to show classes taken in 9th–12th grades, a final grade (letter or number) for each subject, cumulative GPA, and the month and year your high school education was completed.

Are there specific courses I must take in high school?

You may want to look at majors you’re interested in to see specific courses recommended. (For instance, recommended high school preparation for an engineering major is two units of algebra and one unit each of plane geometry, advanced mathematics, chemistry, and physics.) However, we do not require a specific high school plan of study. We look at your transcript and allow your ACT/CLT/SAT scores to demonstrate the results of your education.

Do I have to take the GED?

If you don’t have record of your high school grades, you’ll need to take the GED.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact us. We’re excited you’re considering PCC and would be glad to answer your questions.