Pensacola Christian College was founded in 1974 under the leadership of Arlin and Beka Horton. God called this institution into existence for His glory. The goal was to train young men and women in higher education for a life of service to Jesus Christ. The founders’ vision for PCC continues to the present.

Our mission is to promote the cause of Christ by providing a distinctively Christian-traditional, liberal arts education that develops students spiritually, intellectually, morally, culturally, and socially.

Our purpose in both undergraduate and graduate programs is to produce Christian leaders who are knowledgeable, articulate, moral, dedicated to excellence, and committed to serving Jesus Christ as they learn to influence the world by applying biblical principles in their chosen field and daily life.

The most important reason for me to attend PCC was that I knew that classmates and professors wouldn’t try to convince me to forsake my Christian beliefs. The choice was a good one. I’ve been able to approach each of my studies with a biblical perspective and learn how to approach each day with the right purpose. Faculty, godly friends, an emphasis on God—all have enabled me to grow spiritually while I grew academically.


Institutional Objectives and Learning Outcomes

In keeping with its mission and purpose, PCC’s objective is that each student will meet the following learning outcomes.


From classes, chapel, and church services, the students will be able to

  • show a working knowledge of the Bible in line with the Articles of Faith
  • share the gospel of Christ with others and the world
  • explain biblical teaching regarding the God-ordained institutions of the home, church, and government
  • apply the principles, truths, and values of God’s Word in their chosen fields and daily lives


Through instruction and practical training from a biblical worldview, the students will be able to

  • employ a general education in the liberal arts (studies that provide a broad base of general knowledge and that develop intellectual capacity)
  • demonstrate college-level knowledge in their chosen fields
  • apply knowledge in practical experiences in their chosen fields
  • enter further graduate or professional studies


Through a variety of ministry outlets, the students will be able to

  • exhibit a sensitivity to the spiritual needs of the world
  • display Christian character

Cultural and Social

With a wide range of scheduled events—required and optional—the students will be able to

  • cultivate an appreciation of fine arts and social skills
  • exhibit their commitment to the Christian way of life through adherence to the Code of Conduct
  • demonstrate courtesy and kindness
  • serve the needs of others through voluntary ministry and service opportunities