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Visual Arts Department · Graduate Studies

Further develop as a creative professional with PCC’s graduate Visual Arts Department. Your ability to communicate effectively in the visual arts will expand as skilled artists train you in a variety of media and equip you to share Christ through your creativity.

Practical Preparation
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Practical Preparation

The graduate visual arts department provides academic and artistic training through biblically supported programs that develop advanced conceptual and technical mastery in graphic design or studio art.

Traditional Approach
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Traditional Approach

Students are taught from a traditional philosophy with special emphasis given to training directors or performers to meet the artistic needs of Christian ministries.

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Tuition is $442.80 per credit hour. To help with tuition costs, PCC offers various financial aid options to qualified graduate students: the Abeka Fund Loan, Sallie Mae Loans, and private scholarships.

Dr. Amy Bombard

Meet the Dean of Visual and Performing Arts

Dr. Amy Bombard

B.A., M.S., D.M.A, Pensacola Christian College
Doctoral study: University of Iowa

The Division of Visual and Performing Arts comprises the visual arts and performing arts departments, both of which offer undergraduate and graduate degrees.


Graduate Studies

Building on a strong foundation of undergraduate art training, PCC’s graduate visual art programs provide

  • intense individual development,
  • biblical perspective of current issues in art, and
  • advanced conceptual and technical mastery of your concentration.
Master of Arts
Master of Fine Arts

“Continuing my art education with the M.A. program has given me the opportunity to build a more professional portfolio while still learning under experienced teachers. My classes have not only challenged my thinking as a Christian designer, but have also helped me push myself outside of my comfort zone. I am thankful for the confidence the grad program has given me in my field of study.”

—Jessica Valentin , M.A. in Graphic Design student

See General Admission Requirements. Applicants for a graduate degree in graphic design or studio art must submit a portfolio of prior artistic achievement in order to demonstrate appropriate skill development.

All students wanting to pursue an M.F.A. in graphic design or studio art will begin the graduate program enrolled as an M.A. student. Students may apply for the M.F.A. program upon successful completion of PCC’s M.A. in Graphic Design or Studio Art. Admission to the M.F.A program will be based upon committee review of work completed for the M.A. and written artist statement.

Continuation in the graduate art program is dependent upon an ongoing evaluation of the student’s abilities. A student may be removed at any time from the program if, in the opinion of the faculty/administration, the student fails to perform satisfactorily or improve sufficiently in the appropriate skill, regardless of the student’s academic average in the program.

A student earning a “C+” or lower in any studio course may be required to repeat that course. A student cannot repeat a studio course more than one time. Upon the student’s earning a “C+” or lower in another studio course, the Graduate Committee reviews the student’s status to determine eligibility to continue in the graduate program.

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