Master of Arts Degree in Graphic Design

Master of Arts Degree in Graphic Design

The purpose of this degree is to provide graphic designers with an opportunity to develop advanced conceptual and technical mastery in a specific area of concentration with a biblically supported understanding of the arts.

Learning Outcomes

You’ll be able to

  • articulate a distinctly Christian-traditional philosophy of art.
  • analyze historical trends in artistic theory and practice.
  • demonstrate advanced technical proficiency in the use of appropriate creative media and technology in a specific area of concentration.
  • demonstrate proficiency in the areas of typography, layout, and visual literacy.
  • create a unique and consistent body of visual works that communicates a clear message based on traditional design principles.
  • solve complex creative problems at a professional level using advanced processes of research, development, and execution.
  • exhibit professional skills and behaviors necessary to compete in your chosen field of art.

Admission Requirements

See Admission Requirements.

Residence Requirements

Residence work may be completed in four consecutive fall/spring semesters.

Technology Requirements

Students enrolled in the M.A. in Graphic Design program are required to own a personal laptop for use in class. An Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is also required. Laptop specifications must meet minimum Adobe Creative Cloud system requirements.