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The visual arts department provides opportunities for students to learn how to communicate clearly. With an emphasis on traditional principles of art and design, students gain knowledge and skill in both studio art and graphic design. The visual arts program begins with foundational concepts and techniques which are continually built upon to allow students to succeed creatively and conceptually in future careers. Practical, biblically integrated programs prepare students to be Christ-honoring artists in graduate school, in the workforce, or in ministry.

Dr. Amy Bombard

Dean of Visual and Performing Arts
Chair of Visual Arts Department

Surround yourself with other talented Christian artists who understand the power of exceptional skill combined with creativity and a meaningful message.

Whether you’ve studied art before or you’re starting as a beginner, you’ll start by developing your technical skill. Producing masterfully accurate artwork, you’ll be encouraged to apply your creativity as your ideas come alive.

When you graduate, you’ll be fully prepared to market your work to employers, ministries, and galleries—making a living doing the work you love.

The Division of Visual and Performing Arts comprises the visual arts and performing arts departments of Pensacola Christian College, both of which offer undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Visual Arts Programs

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Department News

From Passion to Career

The Visual Arts program enables students to take their artistic passions and create a rewarding career.

Christina Pasiewicz: Rooted in Community and Family

Photographer and graphic designer Christina Pasiewicz shares what it’s like to be a small business owner.

Success Stories

Luke and Sarah Keller
Small Business Owners

Luke (graphic design ’04) and Sarah (studio art ’06) Keller are embracing the opportunity to bring “old-fashioned” printing methods back to clients. Watch how they use the artistic skills and Christian principles they learned at PCC to excel in both the printing field and life.

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