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Bachelor of Arts in Bible, Pastoral Ministries Concentration

Pastoral Ministries: Standing on the Word of God

Becoming an effective pastor requires thorough understanding of God’s Word, a profound love for it, and a deep respect for its authority in our lives.

More than ever, servant-minded men are needed to reach the lost for Christ and preach the Word of God faithfully in the church. To meet that need, the pastoral ministries concentration at Pensacola Christian College provides Bible-intensive training and hands-on service opportunities.

Ministerial students begin learning the art of expository preaching in the first semester as freshmen and continue preaching every semester until graduation. And ministry training extends beyond the classroom: Bible students have daily opportunities for spiritual growth in chapel, Campus Church, Christian service groups, and other avenues of ministry.

Bible faculty share over 300 combined years of pastoral experience and consider it an honor to train and mentor the next generation of preachers.

Studying Pastoral Ministries to Serve the Lord

The pastoral ministries concentration has a twofold agenda: to teach you not only how to study the Word of God but also how to share the Word of God. Bible classes combine academic instruction with spiritual application to prepare students’ minds and hearts for service, while specialized classes teach how to incorporate practical, biblical methods into specific areas of church ministry.

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Pastoral Ministries Concentration Learning Outcomes

As a pastoral ministries graduate, you will be able to

  • demonstrate thorough knowledge of the content and themes of the Word of God.
  • defend sound doctrine.
  • evaluate current issues in light of biblical teaching.
  • develop a biblical philosophy of ministry.
  • present biblical truth correctly and clearly.
  • demonstrate skills necessary for effective local church leadership.
  • develop expository sermons.

Program Highlights

Ministerial Seminar

Pastoral ministries students complete eight semesters of Ministerial Seminar (PR 101–402). This course involves lectures on many practical aspects of Christian work presented by visiting pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and other experienced believers. Students also prepare and deliver Bible messages in a weekly ministerial lab class. The course is designed to enrich and develop each student’s background for Christian service.

Pastoral Internship Practicum

PCC provides ministerial students with hands-on experience through a well-designed pastoral internship practicum (PR 317). Students may spend a summer working under the leadership of a seasoned pastor and participating in every facet of local church ministry including visitation, preaching, and teaching.

Your Pastoral Ministries Future

What can you do with a pastoral ministries concentration?

PCC’s pastoral ministries concentration is designed to equip you for studying and sharing the gospel. After completing your bachelor’s degree in Bible with a pastoral ministries concentration, you will be ready to join a church ministry, pursue higher education, or even lead your own church.

Here are a few of the countless career opportunities available to you.

  • Associate Pastor
  • Bible Teacher
  • Children’s Pastor
  • Church Planter
  • Senior Pastor
  • Evangelist

Here are a few of the grad schools our pastoral ministries alumni have attended.

  • Baptist Bible Seminary
  • Bethel University
  • Cairn University
  • First Bible School of Translation
  • Liberty University
  • Maranatha Baptist Seminary
  • Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
  • The Crown College
  • The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Tyndale Theological Seminary
  • Western Governors University
  • Westminster Theological Seminary

Here are a few of the many places that our pastoral ministries alumni have worked.

  • Bearing Precious Seed
  • Berean Baptist Church
  • Calvary Baptist Church
  • Camp CoBeAc
  • Faith Bible Christian School
  • Gulf Coast Baptist Church
  • Harvest Bible Chapel
  • Tabernacle Baptist Church
  • Victory Baptist Church

Faculty Highlight

Josh Thompson

Dr. Josh Thompson

B.A., Pensacola Christian College
Th.M., Liberty University
M.Div., D.Min., Pensacola Theological Seminary

“PCC’s ministerial students are taught how to study the Bible, how to properly interpret the Bible, and how to preach the Bible. They are taught all the practical aspects of ministry in the local church as well.

I always endeavor to ground students in the biblical reasons for practical ministry tasks. Whether learning about preaching, evangelism and discipleship, or organizing church activities, they are taught the Bible reasons and the Bible method for them all. My overarching goal is to train men who will know the Bible, depend on it, and remain faithful to it no matter how or where they serve in ministry.

Because of the primacy of God’s Word and the focus on practical ministry training, I believe that PCC is the best college in the country for ministry preparation.”

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Alumni Spotlight

Micah Yapp
Micah Yapp ’18

Associate Pastor, Berean Baptist Church in Griffin, GA

“At PCC, I learned how to better study and exegete the Word of God with sound biblical doctrine.

I really enjoyed the Christian service aspect of the ministerial program. I had the opportunity to co-lead Berkley Street Bible Club and watch how God took it from 5–10 kids my freshman year to 40–60 my senior year. Being able to lead with the PCC students who served at Berkley Street, and then to watch as many children came to know Christ as their Savior, will always be a highlight of my time at PCC.

If I were to encourage someone to pursue a degree in pastoral ministries, I would tell them how great the PCC Bible faculty is at teaching God's Word. They don't want you to just have ‘knowledge,’ but they want you to have a real relationship with Christ and to actually know Him. I still talk to my professors regularly, and they have become people I go to for counsel. They really went above and beyond their duties as faculty, and I will forever be thankful for the influence they have in my life.”

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About the Pastoral Ministries Concentration

The purpose of the pastoral ministries concentration is to prepare young men for the pastorate.

Pastoral ministries students can apply for scholarships to receive financial aid.

Ministerial Scholarship (up to $12,000)

  • Available to a qualified male applicant who has declared a Bible major (including concentrations in pastoral ministries, youth ministries, missions, and music ministries), aspires to pursue ordination for ministry, and comes from a church that is Bible-believing.
  • Must have a cumulative high school GPA of 2.00 or higher.
  • Recipients must maintain a 2.00 GPA each year (not cumulative) at Pensacola Christian College in order to receive the benefit of the scholarship. Students who forfeit the scholarship because of grade point average will forfeit the benefit for future years.
  • A tuition benefit up to $12,000 (approximately $3,000 annually; 20% of total tuition) over the first eight consecutive semesters of attendance as a full-time student after approval. If the student is enrolled in the Fourth Year Tuition-Free program, scholarship payments will not be applied during semesters the student is receiving the Fourth Year Tuition-Free benefit.

Michael R. Baker Soulwinner Scholarship
$1,000 scholarships each awarded to continuing sophomores, juniors, or seniors with a pastoral or youth ministries concentration who have a financial need and a desire to win souls to Christ, to be applied over one semester.

Melvin and Mary Jane Bere Memorial Scholarship
$1,000 scholarship awarded to a continuing sophomore or junior with a missions, music ministries, pastoral ministries, or youth ministries concentration who has a financial need, to be applied in the fall semester.

“The Called” Ministerial Scholarship
$2,000 scholarships awarded to male juniors with a pastoral ministries or youth ministries concentration, to be applied in the fall semester.

Faith Ministerial Scholarship
$3,150 scholarship awarded to a male student with a pastoral ministries or missions concentration, to be applied over one semester.

Dr. Lynn E. Irwin Memorial Scholarship
$2,000 scholarship awarded to students with a pastoral ministries or youth ministries concentration, to be applied over one semester.

Palmer and Becky Manning Scholarship
$5,000 scholarship awarded to a student with a pastoral ministries concentration, to be applied over a year.

Robert and Norma Vermeulen Memorial Scholarship
$500 scholarships each awarded to continuing sophomores, juniors, or seniors with a music or music education major or a pastoral ministries or music ministries concentration who have a financial need, to be applied over one semester.

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Bible Career Support

With Career Services and Career Link, students can start making connections with employers while on campus during Career Fair events. These services provide tools and resources designed to empower you for your calling to pastoral ministry.

Every year, churches send representatives to PCC seeking pastoral ministries graduates to join their church ministries.

Need help? Career Services staff are ready to assist you in researching employment opportunities, exploring job qualifications, and providing mock interviews and résumé support.