Pastoral Ministries

Pastoral Ministries

Bible Major—Pastoral Ministries Concentration, Bachelor of Arts Degree

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Minister God’s Word

More than ever, servant-minded men are needed to minister God’s Word faithfully in the church and to reach the lost for Christ. To meet that need, PCC’s pastoral ministries concentration provides Bible-intensive training and hands-on service opportunities.

Becoming an effective minister requires deep understanding of and love for God’s Word. Because PCC’s program is Bible-intensive, students have daily opportunities to learn God’s Word in classes, Campus Church, chapel, and various avenues of ministry.

Bible classes combine academic instruction with spiritual application to prepare students’ minds and hearts for service, while specialized classes teach how to incorporate practical, biblical methods into specific areas of church ministry. To learn the art of expository preaching, ministerial students begin preaching in the first semester as freshmen, and continue preaching every semester until graduation.

Students learn from caring Bible faculty with ministry experience, who count it an honor to train the next generation of preachers.

The purpose of the pastoral ministries concentration is to prepare young men for the pastorate.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the pastoral ministries concentration will be able to

  • demonstrate thorough knowledge of the content and themes of the Word of God,
  • defend sound doctrine,
  • evaluate current issues in light of biblical teaching,
  • develop a biblical philosophy of ministry,
  • present biblical truth correctly and clearly,
  • demonstrate skills necessary for effective local church leadership, and
  • develop expository sermons.
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Career Possibilities

  • Pastor
  • Associate pastor
  • Children’s pastor
  • Evangelist

Were it not for God’s grace and the instruction I received at PCC, I would not be prepared to meet the challenges that come with church ministry.

James H. ’82
Pastor, Lighthouse Baptist Church (WY)