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Bible Major—Missions Concentration, Bachelor of Arts Degree

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Reaching the lost for Christ through local and international evangelism is the heart of biblical missions. To prepare for cross-cultural ministry, students receive intensive Bible instruction combined with practical training in skills and strategies proven effective on the field.

PCC’s comprehensive instruction in God’s Word is foundational to the missions concentration. In classes, Campus Church, chapel, and various avenues of ministry, students have opportunities to grow in God’s Word while being challenged to serve others.

Bible classes combine academic instruction with spiritual application to prepare students’ minds and hearts for future ministry on the field. Practical training prepares students for

  • candidate school
  • deputation
  • church planting
  • health/safety on the mission field
  • financial management
  • presentations
  • interpersonal relationships

Opportunities abound for developing a passion for missions through Christian Service, guest missionaries, Mission Prayer Band, and summer mission trips.

The purpose of the missions concentration is to prepare Christians for effective cross-cultural ministry.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the missions concentration will be able to

  • demonstrate thorough knowledge of the content and themes of the Word of God,
  • defend sound doctrine,
  • evaluate current issues in light of biblical teaching,
  • develop a biblical philosophy of ministry,
  • present biblical truth correctly and clearly, and
  • develop strategies to reach the lost and plant churches in a variety of cultures.
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Missions Broad Fields

Digital Media

Technology Requirements: Students enrolled in 300- or 400-level art courses are required to own a personal laptop for use in class. An Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is also required. Laptop specifications must meet minimum Adobe Creative Cloud system requirements.
Digital Typography
Digital Graphics
Introduction to the Mass Media
Principles of Digital Multimedia Technology
Media Studio Production
Introduction to Web Design

Career Possibilities

  • Missionary
  • Church planter
  • Christian camp director

PCC helped prepare me for what a missionary may face on the field. I learned good study habits and gained the tools I needed to aid me in deputation, sermon preparation, youth work, and other areas of my life and ministry.

Nathan J. ’01
Missionary, Canadian Arctic