Tuition and Costs 2024–2025 (Per Semester)


Total Annual Tuition and Costs Tuition Fees Books & Supplies Room & Board Other (living expenses)

All costs are subject to change.

Tuition and Costs 2024–2025 (Per Semester)


Total Annual Tuition and Costs $4,959 Tuition Pink chart segment spanning 40% of the whole, which is 4 Belgian out of 10 total. $175 Application Fee and Enrollment Deposit Green chart segment spanning 20% of the whole, which is 2 Imperial India out of 10 total. $50 Security Deposit Green chart segment spanning 20% of the whole, which is 2 Imperial India out of 10 total.
Part-time Commuter Student

Commuter students who are enrolled for fewer than 12 credit hours per semester should contact the Business Office for specific financial details concerning their accounts.

All costs are subject to change.

Registration, Records, and Business Office
Drop/Add/Change of Course Fee $10.00
Change of Major/Minor 10.00
Early Arrival 40.00/Day
Late Arrival Fee 50.00
Late Departure 40.00/Day
Late Registration Fee 50.00
Late Exam Fee 12.50/Exam
Exam Time Change Fee 50.00/Exam
Testing Center Fee 12.50/Test
Returned Check Fee 25.00
PCC Card Replacement Fee 10.00
Student Record Copies—Paper 5.00/Copy
Student Record Copies—Electronic 3.00/Request
Transcript Fee 10.00/Request
Tuition Overload Fee 330.60
Audit Overload Fee 165.30
Petition for Graduation Fee $90.00
Late Petition for Graduation Fee 25.00
Diploma Reorder Fee 20.00
December graduates pay graduation fees with November payment; May graduates pay graduation fees with April payment.
Vehicle Registration
Car—residence hall $100.00
Car—commuter student 85.00
Motorcycle—residence hall 50.00
Motorcycle—commuter student 42.50
Bicycle 10.00
Late Vehicle Registration Fee 15.00

Final exams may not be taken unless a student’s account is up to date. Students paying their accounts more than 10 days late will be charged a $20 late fee. Students with accounts more than 11 days in arrears may not be allowed to attend class and will have their grades withheld until their accounts are made current. If students have missed 5 class days and their account is still not current, they may be required to discontinue enrollment.

All prices are per semester unless otherwise noted. All costs are subject to change.

You can choose to pay for the full semester’s basic charges up front and receive a 2% discount or take advantage of the payment plan.

A payment plan of four payments each semester is available to students who are U.S. or Canadian citizens or who are U.S. permanent resident cardholders. This payment plan is interest-free. Your first payment is due no later than August 1. (Fees due according to catalog schedule.) Payments may be made by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or PCC Card. Payments may be charged automatically to a credit card for students who apply for this service. Please note: We are unable to accept postdated checks or hold checks.

1st payment August 1, 2024
2nd payment September 23, 2024
3rd payment October 21, 2024
4th payment November 18, 2024
1st payment January 13, 2025
2nd payment February 17, 2025
3rd payment March 17, 2025
4th payment April 14, 2025
All prices are per semester unless otherwise noted. All costs are subject to change.
Application Fee and Enrollment Deposit (formerly called Reservation Deposit)

A $50 Application Fee must accompany each admission application and is nonrefundable and nontransferable. Applicants must also pay an Enrollment Deposit which is nonrefundable and nontransferable unless the applicant initiates cancellation and submits a written refund request within three working days of the payment and before classes begin. The Enrollment Deposit will be credited to the student’s account on the Sept. 23, 2024/Feb. 17, 2025 statement. The date the Enrollment Deposit is paid determines the amount paid (see table below). International students must pay the Enrollment Deposit at the time of application.

Enrollment Deposit Fall 2024 Spring 2025
$125 Oct. 1–Feb. 29 Mar. 1–July 31
$150 Mar. 1–Apr. 30 Aug. 1–Sept. 30
$175 May 1–Semester Start Oct. 1–Semester Start

Applicants who participate in Fourth Year Tuition-Free program are eligible for a waived or reduced Enrollment Deposit based on enrollment date.


The $4,959 tuition per semester allows you to register for up to 17 semester hours without an overload charge. Additional hours above 17 are charged at the rate of $330.60 per hour for credit or $165.30 per hour to audit. Part-time students (taking 11 hours or fewer per semester) are charged at the rate of $413.25 per hour for credit or $206.63 per hour to audit. Residence hall students are expected to take a minimum of 12 semester hours. In the rare event that a residence hall student is granted permission to take fewer than 12 hours, he is still classified as full-time financially as well as academically. Tuition covers fees for library access, Fine Arts Series, athletic events, yearbook, and collegian and class dues.

Room and Board

The room and board cost ($2,575 per semester) provides residence hall students with housing and meals from each semester’s arrival deadline through the semester’s end date. Students will live in one of seven residence hall buildings. These buildings are furnished with private (or adjoining) bathrooms. Students will also have wireless internet access, room telephones with free local and toll-free calling, and a large laundry room on each floor. With three dining options (Four Winds, Varsity, and Grab N Go) and multiple menu choices, students have a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The room and board plan is a flat rate per semester that cannot be reduced for lack of use by active students.

Health Services Fee

Nonresident students needing to see the on-site medical doctor may do so for a fee of $25 per visit. Resident and nonresident students who incur fees for on-campus labs, diagnostic testing, and pharmaceuticals are applied to the student’s account at the time of service. After-hours health needs and serious illnesses or injuries are referred to off-campus medical facilities associated with one of three hospitals in the area.

International Student Processing Fee

All enrolled international students are required to pay the $100 International Student Processing Fee. This fee is used to pay for specialized services used by and for international students, such as visa processing and compliance reporting required by the Federal Government.

Security Deposit

Each new undergraduate, Early Admission, and Academy student is required to place a $50 Security Deposit for unpaid breakage costs, property damage, or account charges. The Security Deposit will be applied to the student’s account after the termination of enrollment to cover any outstanding balance, and then the remainder will be refunded.

Academic Program Fee

The Academic Program Fee is paid with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th payments each semester. This fee varies from one program of study to another. Some majors require courses that use special facilities or equipment, and the fee reflects that usage. Academic Program Fee charges are assessed according to the declared major at the end of the drop/add period and are listed in the catalog with each major. Part-time students pay a prorated fee based on the number of credits taken. Students with a double major pay the larger program fee plus half of the smaller. Students with an undeclared major pay a fee of $25 per semester (3 payments of $8.33).

Music Course Fees

Music course fees underwrite the cost for personalized music instruction and are paid by all who are registered for the following courses at the end of the drop/add period:

Private Lessons $175–$350
Group Instruction $87.50–$175
(brass, harp, hymnplaying, percussion, piano, strings, voice, woodwind)
Online Student Services Fee

This $50 fee per semester ($25 for audited courses) covers technology services for online‐learning students including corresponding hardware, infrastructure, and support and course delivery. In addition, it covers services such as general course administration costs and the cost of online proctoring.