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Online Dual Enrollment Dates and Deadlines

Term Dates

Like your high school classes, dual enrollment courses have set begin and end dates. But they follow a college schedule, separate from your high school's. Look below for the most important dates coming up.

  • Registration—Dec. 14–Jan. 24
  • Begins—Jan. 25
  • Ends—May 11

  • Registration—Apr. 14–May 12
  • Begins—May 13
  • Ends—Aug. 12

Course Deadlines

For assignments, tests, and quizzes, you'll have suggested completion dates. But don't worry! They're easy to keep track of.

When you log in to Canvas, you can see when everything is due by checking the syllabus page or your course calendar. You can also download the Canvas app on your smartphone to check deadlines. Courses are designed for you to work through with a level of flexibility, and a calendar giving the course assignments and due dates will be available to help you in planning your schedule. Please note that a 10% grade deduction will be imposed on all assignments (papers, projects, etc.) not submitted before the date of the final exam posted in your course. Course Projects and Assignments (including quizzes and tests) must be uploaded in Canvas by 11:59 p.m. (Central Standard Time) on the last day of the term.