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Online Dual Enrollment Admission Requirements

Do you qualify for online dual enrollment?

Take a look at these admission requirements to find out.

Dual enrollment is open for rising juniors or seniors in a Christian school or Abeka Academy accredited program who

  • have earned at least 12 high school credits,
  • maintain a high school GPA of 3.0 or above, and
  • have achieved an ACT composite score of 21, CLT total score of 70, or SAT total score of 1060 (high scores on PCC placement exams may waive this requirement).

Also, for international students, the expected minimum TOEFL score is as follows:

  • 61 internet-based (15 per section)
  • 15 per section paper-delivered

You’ll need your school/Abeka Academy to sign an authorization form giving you permission to participate in dual enrollment and verifying GPA and completed high school credits.

What if you meet all the requirements except for the ACT, CLT, or SAT score—or what if you haven't taken one of those tests yet?

Admissions can give you more information about your options. Give us a call at 850-478-8496, or email

What’s Next for Christian School Students?

What’s Next for Abeka Academy Accredited Students?

  • Make sure you meet the Abeka Academy requirements for Online Dual Enrollment.
  • Once you have met the Abeka Academy requirements, apply for PCC’s Online Dual Enrollment.
  • See what courses are available.
  • Complete an Authorization Form (provided by Abeka Academy).
  • See when classes start.