You can choose to pay for the full semester’s basic charges up front and receive a 2% discount or take advantage of the payment plan.

Covers fees for Library access, including online databases $402.60/credit hour
183.00/credit hour to audit
Room and Board
Fall/Spring 2,129.00/semester*
Summer 31.00/day
Pre-term/Interterm/Post-term 32.00/day
One-Week Modules 242.50/with meals
212.50/without meals

* The PCC room and board plan is a flat rate per semester that cannot be reduced for lack of use by active students.

Miscellaneous Costs
  • Textbooks
  • Supplies
  • Laundry
  • Incidentals
Application Fee
  • Nonrefundable, nontransferable
  • Required for new & re-enrolling applicants
International Student Processing Fee
  • Required each semester for all international students enrolled in the fall, spring, and summer terms
  • Covers specialized services for international students such as visa processing and compliance reporting required by the Federal Government

Conditional Fees

Registration, Records, and Business Office
Change of Term Fee 25.00
Drop/Add/Change of Course Fee 10.00
Early Arrival
  • Fall/Spring
  • Summer
    • 2 days before class begins
    • 3 or more days before class begins (except Session I)
  • One-Week Modules*
  • 32.00/day
    • 29.00
    • 32.00
Late Arrival Fee 50.00
Late Departure 32.00/day
Late Registration Fee
  • Fall/Spring
  • Summer
  • Pre-term/Interterm/Post-term
  • One-Week Modules
  • 50.00
  • 25.00
  • 25.00
  • 25.00
Late Exam Fee 10.00/exam
Exam Time Change Fee 50.00/exam
Testing Center Fee 12.50/test
Returned Check Fee 25.00
PTS/PCC Card Replacement Fee 7.50
Recital Fee 75.00
Graduate Art Show Fee 75.00
Graduate M.F.A. Show Fee 100.00
Student Record Copies
  • Paper
  • Electronic
  • 5.00 /copy
  • 3.00 /request
* For students arriving on Saturday; does not include meals.
Petition for Graduation Fee 80.00
Late Petition for Graduation Fee 25.00
Diploma Reorder Fee 20.00
December graduates pay graduation fees with November payment; May graduates pay graduation fees with April payment.
Vehicle Registration (per fall/spring semester)
Car—residence hall 100.00
Car—town student 85.00
Motorcycle—residence hall 50.00
Motorcycle—town student 42.50
Bicycle 10.00
Late Vehicle Registration Fee 15.00
Doctoral Dissertation/Major Project
Continuing Dissertation Services Fee 805.20/term
Continuing Major Project Services Fee 402.60/term
Copying and Binding Fee varies
Final Copy Extension Fee 150.00
† Contact the Seminary-Graduate Studies Office for details.

Online Learning

Access and Technology Fee
  • technology services including hardware, infrastructure, and support
  • your personal PCC email account
  • access to Eagle’s Nest
  • course delivery
  • access to online databases
  • general course administration costs
  • online proctoring
85.00/course to audit
Conditional Fees
Drop/Add/Change of Course Fee 10.00
Online-Learning Late Registration Fee 25.00
Online-Learning Testing Fee 50.00
Proctor Verification Fee 10.00

All costs are subject to change.

Health Services Fee

PCC’s Graf Clinic, staffed by medical professionals with Baptist Medical Group, provides health care for illness and injury during clinic hours. Resident and non-resident students needing to see the medical doctor may do so for a fee of $20 per visit. Fees incurred for on-campus labs, diagnostic testing, and pharmaceuticals will have these charges applied to the student’s account at the time of service. After-hours health needs and serious illnesses or injuries are referred to off-campus medical facilities associated with one of three area hospitals.

PCC does not accept responsibility for illness or accident on or off campus and does not accept financial responsibility or provide insurance for students needing emergency medical care, hospitalization, or off-campus medical attention. Students are responsible either to provide their own health insurance coverage or to pay the cost themselves. Students use school facilities at their own risk.