College Life

Spiritual Growth and Development

Chapel Services: College chapel meets four times each week and Seminary chapel once a week. Each year, outstanding evangelists, pastors, and missionaries preach in chapel.

Campus Church: The center of spiritual vibrancy is the warm local church atmosphere of Campus Church, which operates on campus as an independent Baptist church. The pastor and other church staff acquaint students with the workings of a separated, Bible-believing church and encourage them in their worship and service for the Lord.

Faculty, staff, and their families—as well as many local townspeople—join the college students in Sunday school, Sunday morning and evening, and Wednesday evening services. College students that have moved to the area to attend PTS are not considered permanent residents and are therefore expected to attend all the services of Campus Church.

Living Facilities

Residence hall rooms are carpeted, air-conditioned, and have an adjoining bath. No linens or pillows are furnished.

During the summer, residence hall accommodations are available on campus for single students and married couples with no children. During summer sessions, nonstudent spouses may live in the residence halls if space is available and pay only room and board for sessions they stay.

During one-week modules, rooms are single occupancy; nonstudent spouses may also stay. Contact Admissions Department for details.