On Campus Learning

On-Campus Learning

Study On Campus with Learning That Meets Your Needs

Your Goals

Your Goals

Get the edge to meet your ministry or career goals. When you step into the classroom, you’ll be learning from caring, godly professors with experience in their field. With each new class, you’ll meet new friends or reconnect with old ones as you expand your knowledge—and your network.

Your Faith

Your Faith

At PCC and PTS, your teachers and classes will build your faith, not undermine it. You can focus on growing spiritually. Feel welcome attending services in the warm atmosphere of the Campus Church. And fellowship with like-minded faculty and students.

Your Schedule

Your Schedule

Come on campus for full semesters and/or choose from these flexible options:

  • Summer sessions. For many degrees, you can finish up to four classes each summer with short sessions in June and July.
  • Seminary modules. Complete a course with a one-week module on campus in January, May, and August.
Your Budget

Your Budget

With PCC’s affordable cost, you can fit grad classes into your budget.

  • Tuition is $442.80 per credit hour.
  • Room and board each semester is just $2,341. For summer sessions, you’ll pay only $33.50 a day.
  • If you come for a full semester, you can break up your tuition and room and board into 4 payments to make your study even more affordable.

What Students Say

Want to Learn On Campus and Online?

Learning on campus gives you maximum potential for new friendships and networking, but learning online gives you maximum convenience.

You can do both! Many degrees offer several of the required classes online—plus the option of short summer courses.

Campus Life

Campus Life

From the Library to the Commons, you’ll find that there’s plenty of places to meet up with classmates and study. For your meals, you can choose between two buffet-style cafeterias. And at the end of the day, relax in your on-campus housing. (Your accommodations are separate from undergrad students.)

How do you know what options you have?

  1. To find out when courses are offered, take a look at the course descriptions page at the beginning of each class’s description.
  2. To see which classes are offered online and when, click Online Courses below.
  3. Any class that includes the word summer will be offered during the summer. Interterm classes meet in January before the spring semester, and Post-term classes meet in May immediately after the spring semester.

Top FAQs

For both online and on-campus classes, the cost is $442.80 per credit hour. Of course, your total cost depends on the number of credits your degree requires. See tuition and fees for more information.

Classes start each spring, summer, and fall. To see start dates, take a look at the Academic Calendar page.

You must have a bachelor’s degree in order to be accepted into PCC and PTS’s graduate studies programs. A minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA (2.00 for M.Div. and M.Min. degrees) is required to be accepted as a master’s student. A minimum 3.00 cumulative undergrad GPA is required for specialist and doctoral degrees.

Specific degree programs may include additional admission requirements.

You’ll get the same instruction whether you study on campus or online. With online classes, you’ll watch recorded lectures and complete projects and tests just like on-campus students.

Depending on your degree, you’ll probably take 6 to 15 credits each semester. The maximum load is 16 credits per term.