Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Ministries

Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Ministries

Available Online

Prepare for Church Leadership with a Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Ministries

With a Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Ministries, you'll get the quality of seminary-level education with the option of flexible online learning. Designed for both those in full-time ministry and men serving in other fields, this certificate program will help you minister more effectively in the local church.

As you take classes like Pastoral Theology or Management: Programming the Local Church, you'll be supported by caring seminary faculty. They'll guide your learning through lecture-based study, rather than just giving reading assignments.

What Will You Learn from the Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Ministries?

Learn how to effectively shepherd a congregation with classes that build on biblical theology and pastoral methodology. Delve into the topic of traditional Christian education. And gain practical skills for coordinating church ministries and managing a Christian school.

Plus, for one of your courses, you can choose a Bible or pastoral theology elective that best fits your needs.

Why Choose a Graduate Certificate from Pensacola Theological Seminary?

When you choose Pensacola Theological Seminary, you’re choosing a Bible-centered approach. Your soul will be filled with the Word of God. As you prepare for servant-leadership, your learning will balance both meditating on God’s Word and ministering with God’s Word.

Getting a graduate certificate from PTS is a smaller time commitment than getting a master’s degree—but you’ll still advance your education. And if you find you’re ready for more learning, your credits can be applied to a seminary degree if grade and GPA requirements for that program are met.

Classes taken for this certificate cannot be applied to another certificate program.

Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Ministries Courses

  • This program falls under Pensacola Theological Seminary.
  • Finish in as little as 7 months.* If you choose online study, classroom lectures are prerecorded and available 24/7.
  • Credits earned for this certificate may be applied toward a seminary degree if you meet the grade and GPA requirements for that program.
  • Whether online or on campus, tuition is only $402.60 per credit hour. See financial info.

*Time to finish depends on certificate chosen, start date, and course rotations. Coursework could extend to 4 semesters; talk to an advisor for more details.

A bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA is required.

All Applicants Must Submit the Following:

You can complete your coursework completely online, on campus, or a mix of both. Courses are offered on campus during short summer sessions and fall and spring semesters.