Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies

Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies

Available Online

Master Bible Doctrines with a Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies

With a Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies, you’ll get the quality of seminary-level education with the option of flexible online learning. Designed for both those in full-time ministry and Christians serving in other fields, this certificate program will expand your knowledge of biblical theology and doctrine.

As you take classes like Theology or Doctrine and History of Preservation of the Text, you’ll be supported by caring seminary faculty. They’ll guide your learning through lecture-based study, rather than just giving reading assignments.

What Will You Learn from the Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies?

You’ll critique the leaders, philosophy, and methodology of twentieth-century American Christianity. Grow your scholarship of Bible doctrines like Soteriology, Christology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology. And strengthen your faith in God’s Word with a study of the Bible’s preservation.

Why Choose a Graduate Certificate from Pensacola Theological Seminary?

When you choose Pensacola Theological Seminary, you’re choosing a Bible-centered approach. Your soul will be filled with the Word of God. As you prepare for servant-leadership, your learning will balance both meditating on God’s Word and ministering with God’s Word.

Getting a graduate certificate from PTS is a smaller time commitment than getting a master’s degree—but you’ll still advance your education. And if you find you’re ready for more learning, your credits can be applied to a seminary degree if grade and GPA requirements for that program are met.

Classes taken for this certificate cannot be applied to another certificate program.

Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies Courses

  • Finish in as little as 7 months. If you choose online study, classroom lectures are recorded and conveniently available.
  • Credits earned for this certificate may be applied toward a seminary degree if you meet the grade and GPA requirements for that program.
  • Whether online or on campus, tuition is only $406.60 per credit hour. See financial info.

A bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA is required.

All applicants must submit the following:

You can complete your coursework completely online, on campus, or a mix of both. Courses are offered on campus during fall and spring semesters and short summer sessions.