Master of Ministry Degree

Master of Ministry Degree

Credit information

Credit hours: 30

Avg. years to finish: 2

$495.90 per credit hour (2024–2025)

$384.43 monthly cost for online class with payment plan (4 total payments, 3-credit class).

Study Options


  • Full Semesters
  • 8-week Sessions

On campus

  • On Campus, Short Sessions

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What does your ministry need most?

Answer that question, then choose your Master of Ministry courses. Through your study, you’ll dig deep into the Word of God, find the answers to problems you’re facing, and learn how to stop future problems before they start.

In the midst of your active ministry, it can be hard to systematically study the Bible and “make time” for the training that will help you grow yourself and others. The M.Min. at Pensacola Theological Seminary gives you the flexibility to strengthen your ministry while still keeping up with everyday responsibilities.

Since Doctrine and History of Preservation of the Text is the only specific required class, your M.Min. will be unique to you and practical for where you are. When you graduate, you’ll be better equipped to share the Word of God—even passages that right now might seem impossible to explain or apply.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be able to

  • demonstrate an advanced knowledge of the Word of God through expositional study.
  • offer a credible defense of sound doctrine.
  • integrate a greater understanding of Scripture into various ministry contexts.
  • evaluate current issues affecting ministry in light of biblical teaching.
  • demonstrate through research and writing projects the ability to apply the Word of God practically in their area of ministry.

Master of Ministry students are not required to have majored in Bible on the undergraduate level, but at least three years of ministry experience and a bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA are required.

All Applicants Must Submit the Following:

For more information, see General Admission Requirements.

You can complete all your coursework 100% online, without ever being required to come to PCC.

Courses are also offered on campus during one-week modules, short summer sessions (about 2 weeks each), and during the fall and spring semesters. See the Calendar of Events page for more information.

  • One-week on-campus modules take place in January, May, and August.
  • Short sessions on campus have start dates throughout the summer.
  • Online-learning sessions have multiple start dates throughout the fall, spring, and summer semesters.
  • On-campus semesters begin each fall and spring.

See the Calendar of Events for more information.

Your Master of Ministry must be completed within 7 years.

Top FAQs

While you’ll get the same full-length lectures as on-campus students, they’re prerecorded in-classroom so you can fit them around your schedule. Every lecture will be available 24/7 on your easy-to-use online dashboard.

PCC accepts or rejects credits based on its own institutional criteria, regardless of whether or not the school transferring credit is accredited.

At least 50 percent of the total credits required for a graduate degree must be completed at PTS or PCC. For more details, see academic credit policies.

Feel free to take semesters off when you need to! If you take off 12 months or more between classes, though, you’ll be considered a reenrolling student and need to reapply. Also keep in mind you have 7 years to complete your degree.