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Courses that do not have a term notation are not offered on a set rotation. See course offerings for online-learning course rotations by term. The number of semester credit hours which a course carries is listed in parentheses following the course title.

DM 706 The Local Church: Building and Growing in the 21st Century (3) The student will establish a biblical philosophy of organization and administration for a growing fundamental church in the 21st century.

DM 709 Studies in Nehemiah: Leadership Principles for Twenty-First Century Ministers (3) Students explore the prayer life, planning skills, problem solving, and personal emotions of Nehemiah to set forth principles for maximizing leadership potential.

DM 711 The Christian Home: Maintaining the Haven in Turbulent Times (3) Offered online: Fall. The home is the basic unit of society and Satan’s primary target. This course gives Scriptural principles that will safeguard the Christian home against the vicious and subtle attacks of the enemy. Students will learn the parent’s responsibility of child rearing with an emphasis on biblical disciplining, the interaction of church and home in maintaining a safe haven for the family, and the pastor’s role in maintaining proper family relationships.

DM 715 Jeremiah: Pastoral Applications for Overcoming Ministry Trials (3) Offered online: Spring even, Summer odd. An in-depth study of Jeremiah’s life and prophecy, focusing on his ministry challenges and responses and correlating Jeremiah’s ministry paradigm with that of the New Testament pastor. The course will provide practical answers to the problems of contemporary ministry while demonstrating continuity between Old and New Testament spiritual leadership models.

DM 718 Malachi: Overcoming Apathy in Ministry (3) Offered online: Spring odd, Summer even. The post-exilic prophecy of Malachi closes the Old Testament with practical exhortations that apply to the Christian today. Verse-by-verse study helps develop biblical cures for the apathy that dulls churches, ruins homes, or mars personal fellowship with God.

DM 727 Romans and Galatians: Pastoral Studies in the Doctrine of Soteriology (3) Offered online: Fall. This course gives a practical and positive exposition of the biblical doctrine of soteriology. Students discuss and defend the simplicity of the gospel and eternal security of the believer against errant teachings such as Calvinism and lordship salvation.

DM 728 I Corinthians: Confronting Common Problems in the Local Church (3) Many of the problems the Apostle Paul confronted in the Corinthian church still plague the church today. Carnal Christianity is dealt with from a biblical perspective, including God’s principles of separation and sanctification.

DM 745 Proverbs: Guidelines for Personal, Spiritual, and Professional Development (3) The corrupting influence of contemporary society can entice God’s people to wander through a maze of inadequate solutions for life’s challenges. In contrast to numerous “success manuals” currently available, God’s wisdom in the book of Proverbs teaches students timeless guidance through precepts, principles, and priorities that give biblical keys for living an enjoyable and enriched Christian life to the glory of God.

DM 746 The Pastoral Epistles: New Testament Principles for Pastoring (3) The Pastoral Epistles are discussed and applied to vibrant pastoral ministry. Instruction combines sound Bible exposition and pastoral experience to instill the vision and expertise needed for a growing local church.

DM 752 Studies in Philippians: A Biblical Guideline for Missions (3) Offered online: Spring even, Summer odd. This practical study of Paul’s prison epistle to Philippi will help the student to promote outreach at home and abroad. All Christian workers should grasp a biblical burden for missions and will become better equipped to train, encourage, and motivate believers to answer God’s call to missions.

DM 754–759 Continuing Major Project Services Each candidate for the Doctor of Ministry degree must register each term for Continuing Major Project Services when the final course has been completed or upon submission of the Topic Overview (whichever comes first). Enrollment in Continuing Major Project Services must continue without break until the major project is successfully defended and presented for binding.

DM 767 Effective Expository Preaching (3) A detailed study of the basis, principles, and implementation of expository preaching. The course is designed to help the student increase his commitment and comfort with the process of preaching through books of the Bible. The class will focus on sermon exegesis, exposition and delivery with an emphasis on sermon preparation.

DM 790 Research Study (6) This study will be carried out at the student’s residence and will result in a completed major project and defense. The study is completed under the direction of a primary reader and the Seminary Doctoral Committee.