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Want to Learn Online AND On Campus?

Learning online gives you maximum convenience, but learning on campus gives you maximum potential for new friendships and networking.

You can do both! Many degrees offer several of the required classes online—plus the option of short summer courses. Look below for two examples.

  1. The M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction (Elementary Specialization) requires 10 classes. Seven are offered online, and the other three are offered during two-week summer sessions.
  2. The Master of Church Music degree requires 30 credits. The 12 credits of Bible elective courses may be completed online, while the 18 credits of church music courses are completed during two-week summer sessions.


Do I need a proctor?

Yes, you’ll need a proctor to administer and supervise the quizzes and tests for your online course. If you will be working on your courses in the United States, you can either use a live proctor or Examity online proctoring. If you will be taking quizzes or tests while outside of the United States, you must use Examity online proctoring. There is no charge to use Examity, which is a remote test proctoring service that allows you to take quizzes and tests from home at any time, day or night.

If you choose to use a live proctor, you must get the proctor approved before you can begin preregistration. The proctor must be a member of the local church pastoral staff (pastor, associate pastor, youth pastor); pastor’s wife; deacon; church secretary; or a member of the administration, faculty, or secretarial staff of a Christian school. Relatives, peers, GA’s or other students enrolled in online courses are not allowed to be proctors. Your proctor should be available throughout the term to proctor your tests, and you will need to plan your testing times around your proctor’s schedule. Tests will be administered online using the proctor’s computer.

What kind of deadlines are there?

You won’t have deadlines for tests. But you’ll have deadlines for papers and projects so your instructor can give you feedback before you turn in your next project.

Can I work ahead?

Yes, you can work ahead and turn in projects before their due date.

How will I access my online classes?

You’ll use a simple learning management system called Canvas to watch lectures, do your work, and connect with other students.

Can I communicate with my instructors?

Yes, you’ll be able to e-mail them or talk to them through Canvas if you have questions.

What are the admission requirements?

You must have a bachelor’s degree in order to be accepted into our graduate or seminary programs. A minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA is required to be accepted as a master’s student (2.00 for M.Div. and M.Min. degrees). Specific degree programs may include additional admission requirements.

Will my diploma specify that I earned this degree online?

No, your diploma will only say “Pensacola Theological Seminary” or “Pensacola Christian College.” Your online degree is no different from the same degree earned on campus.

Can I take a semester off between classes?

Feel free to take semesters off when you need to! You have seven years to finish (five years for the Ed.S.).

Pensacola Christian College has been approved by the state of Florida to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements ( NC-SARA is a voluntary, regional approach to state oversight of postsecondary distance education.

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