Master of Science Degree

Master of Science Degree

Admission Requirements

See General Admission Requirements. An applicant is not required to have majored in education on the undergraduate level. However, some curriculum and instruction specializations do have additional admission requirements.

Students may not earn both a master’s degree and an Ed.S. or Ed.D. from PCC in the same specialization unless it is educational leadership.

Master of Science Comprehensive Portfolio

The Master’s Comprehensive Portfolio is a formal, organized set of original entries intended to provide evidence that the candidate has met the competencies required for the degree. It is required of all Master of Science candidates.

Residence Requirements

A minimum of 30 credit hours of work is required (33 for music and speech specializations). Educational leadership and specializations in elementary, English, history, and science may be completed in two years by taking summer and online-learning courses. Educational leadership and specializations in English, history, mathematics, music, and speech may be completed in two years by enrolling fall, spring, summer, fall, spring. Music also requires a public recital, and speech requires a public production. Some course requirements may be completed through online learning. All coursework for Educational Leadership and Curriculum and Instruction—elementary, English, history, mathematics, and science specializations may be completed online.

See upcoming summer courses.

Graduation Requirements

See Graduation Requirements.