Career Services

After college comes your next step—finding a job! That’s what Career Services helps current PCC students, PTS students, and alumni do.

What if you already have a job, but you’re looking for an intern or someone to hire full time? Career Services helps you with that, too.

Career Services connects soon-to-graduate PCC and PTS students and alumni with ministries and employers looking for hire. If you’re looking for a job, you can access a list of employment opportunities and get in touch with employers about jobs you may be interested in.

As an employer, you can post about employment and internship opportunities in your company or ministry on Career Services. A job description along with your contact information can be viewed by anyone who has a Career Services account.

Several resources are also available to help with writing résumés and cover letters and provide helpful job interview tips. Career Services also invites employers to meet with prospective candidates through annual recruitment events on PCC’s campus in February.

For more employment opportunities, you can also view Pensacola Christian College staff and faculty opportunities.

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