PCC Student Testimonials

Read what PCC students share about learning, growing, and serving on a Christ-centered campus.

Adrian Torres Testimonial

Alumni, TX

From the time Adrian Torres was four years old, he imagined himself playing competitive soccer at a higher level. Read how the Lord fulfilled Adrian’s desire and led him to be a sport management major at PCC.

Allison Shea Testimonial

Allison Shea

Alumni, MI

Allison Shea first came to PCC with a passion for art, and no formal training. Hear how she’s worked from the ground up to being a studio art graduate!

Ariana Balka Testimonial

Ariana Balka

Sr., TN

For Ariana Balka, getting to college wasn’t an easy journey. God used the unthinkable to grow her and bring her to where she is now—a senior in the Early Childhood Education program at Pensacola Christian College.

Boaz Campbell Testimonial

Boaz Campbell

Sr., PA

Before coming to PCC, Boaz Campbell hoped for a sense of community in the Political Science program. He’s found that and so much more as he’s gotten to know his fellow Poli Sci majors. Hear more about his first few weeks of classes!

Bobby Walker Testimonial

Bobby Walker

Alumni, Mexico

Bobby Walker hopes to use the passion God’s given him for sports to minister in schools back home in Tijuana, Mexico. Hear how God shaped this goal over four years through Bobby’s sport management studies.

Brett Westervelt Testimonial

Brett Westervelt


Brett Westervelt first came to PCC as a dual enrollment student. In his second year, he shared how God had been preparing him for his future in youth ministry.

Cristian Reinosa Testimonial

Cristian Reinosa

Alumni, CA

Cristian wants to use medicine to start an orphanage in Mexico. He didn’t always have that vision though. God’s used the unplanned and unpredictable to shape him and bring him to where he is today.

David Dare Testimonial

David Dare

Sr., FL

Read senior David Dare’s account of teaching deaf children in Peru and how the Lord used that experience to guide him to be an elementary education major.

EJ Perez Testimonial

EJ Perez

Alumni, CA

EJ Perez has a passion to teach math and music. With that to go on, he took a step of faith when he chose his major at PCC. Read how God can work with a step of faith.

Emily Milner Testimonial

Emily Milner

Alumni, CO

Emily Milner always wanted to be a nurse to help people. Now, she’s learned that nursing can be more—a unique mission field to bring hope to people who need it.

Grace D’Amico Testimonial

Grace D’Amico

Sr., FL

Coming to PCC wasn’t a hard decision for Grace D’Amico. With a background in the Abeka curriculum, she was familiar with the college. But two years here had taught her so much more.

Isaiah Requintina Testimonial

Isaiah Requintina

Alumni, TX

Isaiah Requintina gave his first piano recital at age 4 in the Philippines. He didn’t go on to major in music at PCC though—see how God used a seeming coincidence in his life to plant a passion for Physical Therapy.

Jake Adkison Testimonial

Jake Adkison

Sr., SC

Jake Adkison had his whole life planned out: he wanted to be an engineering major and play college football. But God wanted something else for him. Read how the Lord turned Jake’s thoughts toward ministry and guided him to be a pastoral ministries major at PCC.

Kylee Kosoff Testimonial

Kylee Kosoff

Jr., UT

“My name is Kylee Kosoff, and I am a Professional Writing major. Why Professional Writing? This is the same question I had, and I would like to share with you how God chose this major for me.

Owen Moss Testimonial

Owen Moss

Sr., Bahamas

Studying Graphic Design has given Owen Moss a whole new perspective at college. See how Owen used a major change to grow as an artist and a Christian.

Rosemary Quigley Testimonial

Rosemary Quigley

Alumni, NJ

Rosemary Quigley’s story starts with a passion for singing and a dream to grow that passion at PCC. Read on for more of her musical journey—and all God’s used her to do during her first three years.

Shelby Rentz Testimonial

Shelby Rentz

Alumni, GA

Shelby Rentz surrendered her life to God and decided to study missions at PCC. See how God has worked in her life since her freshman year.

Telondra Reynolds Testimonial

Telondra Reynolds

Alumni, NC

For Telondra Reynolds, going to college wasn’t the easiest option—but she knew it was where God wanted her to be. See how far she went as a management major at PCC.