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Courses that do not have a term notation are not offered on a set rotation.

The number of semester credit hours which a course carries is listed in parentheses following the course title.

MA 099 Basic Mathematics (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Prereq.: Mathematics placement exam. This course develops a practical appreciation for mathematics and promotes mastery of mathematical operations. Concepts from elementary algebra are introduced. Credit for MA 099 is not applicable toward math elective or graduation requirements.

MA 121 College Algebra I (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Prereq.: Mathematics placement exam or at least “C-” in MA 099. Students learn about exponents, radicals, rational expressions, linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, systems of equations, and applications.

MA 125 Mathematics for Liberal Arts (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Prereq.: Mathematics placement exam or at least “C-” in MA 099. Students will learn problem-solving skills and topics related to algebra, geometry, mathematical logic, and statistics.

MA 130 College Algebra II (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Prereq.: At least “C-” in MA 121 or place into MA 130 or higher on algebra/calculus placement exam. Students learn about algebraic functions and equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, linear modeling, graphing techniques, and applications.

MA 131 College Trigonometry (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Prereq.: At least “C-” in MA 130 or place into MA 131 or higher on algebra/calculus placement exam. Students learn various methods of solving triangular problems. The analytical function of trigonometry is demonstrated through investigations of identities and simple equation solutions. The additional topics of matrices, sequences, and probability are discussed.

MA 212 Mathematics for the Secondary School (3) Offered Spring. Prereq.: Mathematics placement exam [or at least “C-” in MA 099]; and sophomore or above with mathematics teaching field. Students learn the basic topics included in general mathematics and algebra courses in the secondary school with emphasis on concept presentation and techniques of skill mastery.

MA 220 Business Calculus (3) Offered Fall. Prereq.: MA 130 or algebra/calculus placement exam. Students learn about limits, differentiation, and integration with an emphasis on business applications.

MA 221 Calculus I (4) Offered Fall, Spring. Prereq.: At least “C-” in MA 131 or place into MA 221 on algebra/calculus placement exam. Students learn the introductory topics through differentiation and integration of algebraic functions and applications.

MA 222 Calculus II (4) Offered Fall, Spring. Prereq.: At least “C-” in MA 221. Students learn calculus techniques for the transcendental functions, methods of integration, further analytic geometry, series, Taylor’s formula, and applications.

MA 224 Discrete Mathematics (3) Offered Spring. Prereq.: MA 131. Students learn basic mathematical logic and proofs, number theory, graph theory, counting techniques, relations, Combinatorics and mathematical induction and recursion. Emphasis is placed on applying these concepts in computer science and software engineering courses.

MA 302 College Geometry (3) Offered Fall. Prereq.: MA 221. Students demonstrate understanding of advanced Euclidean geometry with topics including circles, constructions, loci, polygons, triangles, congruence, and similarity.

MA 303 Linear Algebra (3) Offered Fall. Prereq.: MA 224 and sophomore or above; or MA 222 and junior or senior electrical engineering concentration. Students learn about vector spaces, Euclidean spaces, the foundational propositions of linear algebra, matrices, and quadratic forms in a MATLAB framework and with application to real world problems.

MA 321 Calculus III (4) Offered Fall, Spring. Prereq.: At least “C-” in MA 222. Students learn about polar coordinates, improper integrals, vectors and solid analytic geometry, partial differentiation, and multiple integrals.

MA 326 Statistics (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Prereq.: MA 131 or concurrent enrollment in MA 221; and sophomore or above. This course emphasizes examples and problems chosen specifically for the business, science, and mathematics student. Although descriptive statistics is discussed, the primary concern is for students to master the concepts and techniques for statistical analyses used in inferential and predictive statistics.

MA 330 Quantitative Methods (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Prereq.: At least “C-” in BA 322 or MA 326. Students learn many commonly used quantitative management science techniques and the role they play in the decision-making process for businesses. Some of the techniques studied include decision analysis, sensitivity analysis, what-if sampling, utility in decision making, time series forecasting, linear programming models (both graphical and computer-based), and project scheduling with PERT/CPM. Students solve actual business problems using these techniques. Some qualitative methods for decision making are also discussed.

MA 331 Abstract Algebra I (3) Offered Fall odd. Prereq.: MA 224. Students learn about various number systems and the solvability of equations within these systems. The topics covered include binary operations, operation-preserving maps, groups, rings, fields, and the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra.

MA 332 Abstract Algebra II (3) Offered Spring even. Prereq.: MA 331. Students learn additional properties of rings and fields with an emphasis on groups. Special attention is given to the application of groups and rings to topics from linear algebra.

MA 343 Mathematics of Complex Variables (3) Offered Fall even. Prereq.: MA 321. Students learn about complex variables, analytic functions, complex integrals, power series, residues and poles, and applications of complex variables. Emphasis is placed on applying these concepts in engineering courses.

MA 401 Differential Equations (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Prereq.: At least “C-” in MA 222. Students learn the methods for solving differential equations of the first and second order; also, higher order equations and various methods of finding approximate solutions to differential equations are explained.

MA 405 Geometry (3) Offered Spring even. Prereq.: MA 302. Students will learn about spherical, hyperbolic, and projective geometries and will explore informal topological themes including symmetries, surfaces, and graphs.

MA 407 Applied Mathematics (3) Offered Spring odd. Prereq.: MA 222. Students learn practical applications of mathematics to the physical world. This course is designed through the use of EXCEL, MATLAB, and other graphing utilities to show the usefulness of mathematics in solving problems that arise in the business, science, and social science communities.

MA 432 Advanced Calculus (3) Offered Spring odd. Prereq.: MA 224 and 321. This course is designed to provide the mathematics student with a better understanding of first-year calculus through the study of the properties of real numbers and functions of real numbers, leading to the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. The topics covered include sequences, functions, limits, continuity, differentiation, Riemann sums, and integration.

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