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Courses that do not have a term notation are not offered on a set rotation.

The number of semester credit hours which a course carries is listed in parentheses following the course title.

PM 218 Sport Nutrition (3) Offered Fall. This course introduces the student to energy production and performance by studying the science behind sport nutrition. Students will learn the principles of nutrition as they relate specifically to sport and the influence of nutrition on exercise performance, training, and recovery. Students will also learn how to distinguish between fact and fallacy regarding sport nutrition and supplements.

PM 225 Wilderness First Aid (2) Offered Fall, Spring. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide emergency care in rural settings when help is delayed. American Red Cross CPR/AED for the professional rescuer and Wilderness and Remote First Aid cards may be earned through demonstration of skills and knowledge. The Red Cross dictates a fee for this course.

PM 302 Camp Programs and Management (3) Offered Spring even. Prereq.: Sophomore or above. Students learn the development, structure, and function of day, sport, and overnight camp ministries. Staff recruitment, training, and oversight are addressed. Facility development with attention to the scheduling of events is given. Other administrative duties include legal aspects, government regulations, budgeting, food preparation and handling, and promotions and advertising.

PM 310, 311 Sport Management Practicum (2 each) Offered Both sem., Interterm, and Summer. Prereq. for PM 310: PM 225, 302, sport management concentration, and approval from chair of business; prereq. for PM 311: PM 310, sport management concentration, and approval from chair of business. Students receive valuable, practical experience in sport management by spending a minimum of 80 hours working in the field under a director or manager at an approved off-campus site.

PM 412 Design and Operation of Sport and Recreational Facilities (2) Offered Spring odd. Prereq.: Junior or senior sport management concentration. Students are introduced to the designing, planning, and managing of sport and recreation facilities. The student will learn the guidelines for an effective floor plan, finance, maintenance, and legal issues affecting both indoor and outdoor facilities. Students will also be given an opportunity to design their own sport facility.

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