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Fill out the form below (with required items in bold) to get money on its way to any PCC Cards. To send money to several students at one time, click on “Add additional student.” Each student will receive an e-mail letting him know about the eFunds you’ve added to his card. If you’d like your gift to be anonymous, just check the box at the bottom of the Your Information section.

If you have any questions or experience any issues, e-mail PCCCardOffice*pcci|edu or call (850) 478-8496, ext. 2744.

eFunds Spending Options

  • Vending Machines and Laundry
  • The Palms, Common Grounds Café, and Sports Center Hut
  • Campus Store, Pelican, and Gearbox
  • Tuition, Room & Board (also pay directly through Online Payment)

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