Named facilities honor individuals who were influential in furthering Christian education at Pensacola Christian College (PCC) or Pensacola Christian School (PCS).

Allen Chapel/
Dr. Gettys Allen
PCS Transportation Supervisor 1964–2017
Lois Allen
PCS faculty, PCC Food Service Director, Special Events Coordinator 1962–2019
Arlin R. Horton Sports Center Dr. Arlin R. Horton
PCS/PCC Founder and first President 1953–2012
Ballard Hall Bessie Ballard
PCS charter board member 1953–1979
Bradley Tower Quirey Bradley
PCS charter board member and volunteer 1953–1974
Coberly Hall Johnson Coberly
PCS charter board member 1953–1967
Crawford Chapel/
Dr. William Crawford
PCS Vice Principal, PCC Academic Dean, Academic Vice President 1958–2010
Bev Crawford
PCS/PCC Faculty, music librarian 1958–2010
Dale Horton Auditorium Dale Horton
father of PCC founder
Dixon Tower Doris Dixon
volunteer and prayer warrior 1950s–1960s
Graf Clinic Dr. George Graf
local physician, volunteered services
and furnished equipment/furniture for Clinic 1976–1980, 1992
Grant Field David Grant
PCS faculty, coach 1972–2018
Griffith Tower Vea Griffith
volunteer, prayer warrior, wife of PCS charter board member 1953–1971
John Ray Hall Field House John Ray Hall
PCS board member 1963–1973
Johnson Reception Thelma Johnson
PCS Kindergarten Director, PCC Archivist 1962–2010
MacKenzie Gertrude MacKenzie
PCS charter board member 1953–1972
Mullenix Chapel Dr. Joel H. Mullenix
Dean of the College, Vice President 1974–2015
Mullenix Chapel Organ Glenda Mullenix
Interiors Director 1974–2013
Noel’s Switch (electrical building) Noel Hale
PCC maintenance/
electrician 1980–2010
Rand House Dr. Phyllis Rand
PCS/PCC faculty, Education Dept. Chair 1969–2019
Rice Tower Dr. Bill Rice III
PCC board member 1980–2000, chairman
Rebekah L. Horton Library Dr. Rebekah L. Horton
PCS/PCC Co-Founder,
Senior Vice President 1953–2012
Taylor Chapel Pastor Bob Taylor
Pastor of Campus Church 1974–1988
Teuscher Place Ellen Teuscher
PCS K4 Director, PCC faculty, Housing Director, and Archivist 1964–2018
Young Tower William F. Young
PCS board member 1963–1969