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Courses that do not have a term notation are not offered on a set rotation. The number of semester credit hours which a course carries is listed in parentheses following the course title.

SC 111 Fundamentals of Biology (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Students will learn foundational concepts in biology by studying origins, plant biology, all major animal phyla, and ecology and environment. This course will not count toward a science teaching field.

SC 112 Human and Cell Biology (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Students will learn the central concepts of human anatomy and physiology, cell biology, and genetics. This course will not count toward a science teaching field.

SC 122 General Entomology (3) Offered Fall odd. This course provides an overview of the study of insects. Students will learn anatomy, biology, and taxonomy of insects and identify many common insects to the family level. In addition, they will study the practical uses of entomology.

SC 141 Introduction to Astronomy (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Students learn general principles and practical techniques in astronomy. Topics included are telescopes, the solar system, the constellations, stars, galaxies, and the measurement of time.

SC 211 Earth and Space (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Students learn the foundational scientific laws and principles that govern the natural processes involved in geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy.

SC 212 Physical Science (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Students learn the foundational concepts, theories, and principles that guide the current understanding of and research in chemistry and physics.

SC 218 Elements of Nutrition (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Students learn the basic concepts of human nutrition, application of that knowledge to a healthy lifestyle, and nutritional diseases. Topics include nutrients and nutritional processes, food safety, and nutrition for life stages. Nationally established guidelines are addressed.

SC 231 Sociology for Health Professionals (3) Offered Fall. Prereq.: Major in natural sciences. Students learn the basic theories and principles of sociology with particular emphasis on its relevance to health care in the United States. Students will learn about the nature of sociology, characteristics of individuals within society, social institutions and human ecology, and social change.

SC 242 Basics of Pharmacy Practice (2) Offered Spring. Prereq.: BY 111 and CH 111. Students learn the basic principles of pharmacy practice through a systematic introduction to all aspects of the profession. Drug classification and dosage formulations will be taught with an emphasis placed on practical knowledge required by all pharmacy professionals. Successful completion of this class prepares students to sit for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination.

SC 271, 371, 471 Science Research (2 each) Offered Summer. Prereq.: Major in natural sciences; and approval from chair of natural sciences. Students complete a documented scientific research experience in this elective internship. This is an 80-hour minimum summer research experience in an approved off-campus facility.

SC 299 Research Methods (2) Offered Spring. Prereq.: Sophomore or above. This course teaches students an introduction to the methods and techniques that are used to produce and disseminate science information. Students will select topics, review literature, analyze findings, and write reports using correct formatting for science writing. Students will also give a scientific presentation that appropriately addresses/assesses both the topic and the audience effectively. Students will be exposed to collaborative work in science research. SC 299 may not be taken as an SC elective.

SC 351–352 Physical Therapy Observation Internship (1 each) Offered Both sem., Interterm, and Summer. Prereq.: BY 311; 2.75 GPA or higher; and approval from chair of natural sciences. Students will complete a documented observation of a licensed physical therapist for a minimum of 40 hours. The student will take two different internships from the following choices: a hospital or rehabilitation center, a home health care setting, sports medicine center, or an outpatient-based center.

SC 392 Pre-Health Preparation Seminar (1) Offered Spring. Prereq.: Junior or senior natural sciences major. Students prepare to pursue graduate studies in the health sciences through review of relevant topics in preparation for graduate admissions tests, practice test-taking strategies, learn to communicate goals through a written purpose statement, and participate in practice interviews.

SC 430 Professional Issues in the Sciences (3) Offered Fall. Prereq.: Senior. This course addresses, from a biblical philosophy, vital issues in the sciences, including creation science and evolution, ethics and decision making for relevant and current issues in various science fields. Students prepare a research paper discussing an advanced science topic in the context of technical, social, ethical, and spiritual issues.

SC 442 Pharmacology (4) Offered Fall. Prereq.: BY 312, CH 306, and SC 242. Students learn the principles of pharmacology, including drug distribution and absorption and concepts of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. 4 hours lecture.

SC 461–462 Biomedical Practicum (1 each) Offered Both sem., Interterm, and Summer. Prereq. for SC 461: Junior or senior; BY 312; major in natural sciences; and approval from chair of natural sciences. Prereq. for SC 462: SC 461. Students receive practical biomedical experience in this elective practicum. Students complete a documented participation in or observation of an approved off-campus health care facility for a minimum of 40 hours.

SC 499 Senior Research Seminar (2) Prereq.: SC 299 and senior. This capstone course helps students with final preparations for job placement or graduate school. Students will demonstrate the cumulative knowledge and technical skills gleaned from major required undergraduate classes and develop and submit a research proposal.


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