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Important note

Courses that do not have a term notation are not offered on a set rotation. The number of semester credit hours which a course carries is listed in parentheses following the course title.

BA 101 Introduction to Business (2) Offered Fall, Spring. Students gain a basic understanding of business functions and areas of specialization within the field of business.

BA 201 Business Law (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Prereq.: Sophomore or above. This course is open to all students who would like to increase their understanding of legal principles that apply to various business transactions. Contracts, labor-management responsibilities, property, insurance, partnerships and corporations, wills and trusts, and torts and business crimes are discussed. Required for BA 442, HI 351.

BA 217 e-Business Systems (3) Offered Spring. Prereq.: Sophomore or above. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the e-business systems used in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships. Application of the Internet and related technologies to various business processes is presented. Emphasis is placed on understanding e-business technology fundamentals and exploring different ways to conduct business online. Current B2B and B2C organizations and their operational strategies are discussed. Required for MK 417.

BA 220 Business English (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Prereq.: At least “C-” in EN 121 or 123. Students learn business-style punctuation, capitalization, and number usage. Required for OA 301, 318, 324.

BA 224, 225 Business Practicum (1 each) Offered Both sem., Interterm, and Summer. Prereq. for BA 224: Sophomore or above with a major or minor in the business department and approval from chair of business; prereq. for BA 225: BA 224, a major or minor in the business department, and approval from chair of business. Students obtain field experience in an approved business for a minimum of 40 hours. Required for BA 225.

BA 301 Corporate Finance (3) Offered on campus: Fall, Spring; online: Interterm, Summer. Prereq.: AC 232. A basic understanding of the function of finance, financial planning and control, and corporate structure is developed. Students use time value of money, financial statement analysis, forecasting, projected cash flows, and capital budgeting techniques to evaluate business scenarios. Required for BA 302, FN 310.

BA 302 Corporate Finance (3) Offered on campus: Fall, Spring; online: Interterm, Summer. Prereq.: At least “C-” in BA 301. Students evaluate business decisions through the application of working capital management, inventory models, credit management policy, cash and marketable security management, and short-term financing. Students also learn and demonstrate knowledge of cost of capital, dividend policy, capital markets, and lease financing culminating in a financial management simulation of a firm. Required for FN 315, 431, 433, 447, 448.

BA 303 Macroeconomics (3) Offered on campus: Fall, Spring; online: Interterm, Summer. Prereq.: MA 121 or 123 or placement into MA 130 or higher; and sophomore or above. The students will demonstrate an understanding of national economic policy and characterize its implications for public policy, taxation, and monetary policy. National income, GDP, and economic forecasting will be discussed. This course may be taken as a social science elective. Required for BA 304.

BA 304 Microeconomics (3) Offered on campus: Fall, Spring; online: Interterm, Summer. Prereq.: BA 303; and MA 130 or placement into MA 131 or higher. This course discusses economic principles (such as supply, demand, consumer behavior, and the theory of the firm) applicable to individuals and firms. Students demonstrate their knowledge in practical application through making production decisions for firms within various market structures, allocating resources to minimize the cost of production, determining price and output levels to maximize firm profits, and analyzing the effects of government intervention in the market economy. This course may be taken as a social science elective.

BA 313 Public Relations (3) Offered Fall, Spring. This course includes a historical overview of public relations, plus an analysis of various PR principles and applications. These include public relations as a management function; the distinction between PR and advertising; and PR as a form of advocacy, motivation, and persuasion. Students plan and stage a major on-campus PR event. Required for BA 413.

BA 322 Business Statistics (3) Offered on campus: Fall, Spring; online: Interterm, Summer. Prereq.: Credit for or concurrent enrollment in MA 121 or 123 or placement into MA 130 or higher. This course demonstrates the foundations of statistical measurement and analysis using both descriptive and inferential statistics within a business framework. The students will acquire understanding of statistical topics such as frequency distributions, sampling theory, averages, variation, probability and probability distributions, sampling distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, regression, and correlation. Required for FN 447, MA 330, MK 404.

BA 330 Computer Applications for Business (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Prereq.: CS 101 or proficiency; and sophomore or above. The student will develop a working knowledge of computer applications through hands-on experience. The student will be able to produce useful and practical projects by effectively using the Microsoft Office Suite and be able to integrate from one application to another. Required for FN 447, OA 301, SE 313.

BA 403 Business Communications (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Prereq.: EN 126; and junior or senior business major, computing major, business technology minor, office administration minor or broad field, management minor or broad field, or strategic communication minor; or sophomore office systems student in A.S. program. This course teaches students the mechanics and principles of effective business correspondence. Students learn how to compose and edit résumés and cover letters; business e-mail, memorandums, and letters; and formal reports.

BA 413 Public Relations Management (3) Offered Spring. Prereq.: BA 313. This advanced public relations course analyzes crisis management from a management-stakeholder relationship. Students utilize case-study methodology to assess crises and issues while demonstrating confidence in formulating a proper ethical response using various media channels.

BA 442 Advanced Business Law (3) Offered Spring. Prereq.: BA 201. The student will learn about advanced treatment of selected topics in business law with special attention to the application of the Uniform Commercial Code. The student will demonstrate understanding of the law with respect to sales, leases, real and personal property, negotiable instruments, and bankruptcy. Issues related to professional liability are also addressed. This course is strongly recommended for those students who are planning to take the CPA examination.