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Important note

Courses that do not have a term notation are not offered on a set rotation. The number of semester credit hours which a course carries is listed in parentheses following the course title.

MI 201 History of Missions (2) Offered Fall. The history of Christian missions from the Old Testament to the present is studied. The student will learn missionary passages in the Old and New Testaments as well as some key facts and events in the lives of missionaries throughout church history.

MI 202 Promotion of Missions (2) Offered Spring. The responsibilities of the local church, the Christian school, and the individual Christian to missions are studied, with attention given to the mechanics of implementing a missionary program. The student will be able to describe the role of the pastor and church in implementing a missions program and will be able to design a missions program in a Christian school.

MI 207, 208, 209 Missionary Practicum (1 each) Offered Interterm, Summer. Prereq.: Approval from chair of Bible. Students gain practical missions experience through active participation during 7–14 days of cross-cultural ministry in the United States or abroad.

MI 210 Missionary Practicum (3) Offered Summer. Prereq.: Approval from chair of Bible. This course requires the student to spend 6–8 weeks in missionary work on the field. The credit a student may earn depends upon the work involved, the degree of responsibility, and the length of service. The student is required to conduct interviews of veteran missionaries and to keep a journal.

MI 301 Principles and Methods of Missions (2) Offered Fall. This course prepares the student for missionary candidature with emphasis on application to a mission board, candidate school, prefield ministries, as well as the physical, financial, and spiritual preparation for the student’s field. Projects are designed to aid the student in the organization of prayer cards, prayer letters, multi-media presentations, and display boards.

MI 302 Principles and Methods of Missions (2) Offered Spring. This course deals with the actual principles necessary for succeeding on the mission field. Topics include mental concerns, culture shock, language learning, interpersonal relationships, evangelism, furlough, and retirement.

MI 403 Cultural Anthropology (3) Offered Spring even. Cultures of various people of the world are studied for the purpose of orienting the missionary candidate concerning life and witness among these peoples. The student will learn to articulate issues related to cross-cultural communication of God’s Word. This course may be taken as a social science elective.

MI 412 Church Planting Seminar (1) Offered Spring even. Prereq.: Ministerial student. Through an analysis of biblical and historical models for developing new congregations from initial evangelism, the student learns the essentials of the ministry of church planting. Topics such as purchasing of property, organization and writing of founding documents, financial support, and the church planter’s schedule and ministry are covered.