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Important note

Courses that do not have a term notation are not offered on a set rotation. The number of semester credit hours which a course carries is listed in parentheses following the course title.

PL 101 American Political Heritage (3) Offered Fall. Students examine America's political ideals from their English roots up to the culminating principles of freedom in the Declaration of Independence and review primary documents to learn about the development of America's political heritage and the foundational concepts of its future government.

PL 207 Introduction to Political Science (3) Offered Spring. Students examine the major subfields of political science by evaluating nation-state politics and by contrasting the intricacies of Western democracy and authoritarianism as systems of government. This course may be taken as a social science elective. Required for PL 381, 402, 403.

PL 280 American Government (3) Offered Fall, Spring. Students analyze the constitutional foundation for America's system of government and evaluate its institutional and behavioral politics. This course may be taken as a social science elective. Required for PL 313, 321, 356; SE 306.

PL 292 Research and Writing in Political Science (2) Offered Spring. Prereq.: EN 126, sophomore or above, and political science concentration. Students develop research questions and craft theories for written assignments while evaluating journal articles for clarity and style. Required for PL 407.

PL 303 State and Local Government (3) Offered Spring. Students learn various political theories of state government by examining federalism, police power, and state sovereignty and analyzing major functions of state and local political systems. This course may be taken as a history elective by history major, minor, or teaching field; or as a social science elective.

PL 313 Political Parties, Campaigns, and Elections (3) Offered Spring odd. Prereq.: PL 280 and sophomore or above. Students learn about America's political parties and evaluate their influence on voter behavior and the electoral system.

PL 321 American Public Policy (3) Offered Fall even. Prereq.: PL 280 and sophomore or above. Students examine American foreign and domestic policy at both the national and state level.

PL 356 American Constitutional Law (3) Offered Spring. Prereq.: PL 280 and sophomore or above. Students study the United States Constitution and examine how the Supreme Court has interpreted the constitutional powers of federal and state governments as well as how the Court evaluates individual rights and freedoms. Required for PL 426.

PL 381 International Relations (3) Offered Fall even. Prereq.: PL 207. Students learn various paradigms of international relations, applying a biblical worldview to geopolitical events and examining the impact of international issues on American politics.

PL 402 Ancient and Medieval Political Philosophy (3) Offered Fall. Prereq.: PL 207 and junior or senior. Students examine major ancient and medieval political philosophies relating to leadership, statecraft, virtue, religion, and human nature from the biblical worldview, while tracing their continued influence on Western Civilization.

PL 403 Modern Political Philosophy (3) Offered Spring. Prereq.: PL 207 and junior or senior. Students contrast political philosophies from the Enlightenment to the Modern Era concerning the origins of the state while also examining the purpose of institutions that have shaped politics and society.

PL 407 Political Science Research Methods (3) Offered Fall even. Prereq.: MA 125, PL 292, and junior or senior political science concentration. Students apply the scientific method to political science research using quantitative and qualitative methodology. Required for PL 441.

PL 413 Political Science Internship (3) Offered Interterm, Summer. Prereq.: Junior or senior, 12 hours of PL courses, and approval from chair of humanities. This internship of at least 120 hours provides an opportunity for the student to gain practical knowledge about a career in government or with an organization that works to affect government policy.

PL 426 Moot Court (3) Offered Fall. Prereq.: PL 356. Students prepare a legal argument on a given constitutional issue and present written and oral arguments in a simulated appellate court setting.

PL 441 Senior Seminar in Political Science (3) Offered Spring odd. Prereq.: PL 407. This capstone course requires students to develop and defend original research in political science.