Campus Church

At a good church, you expect to learn from the Bible, worship the Lord, and have the opportunity to serve. You’ll find that and more at Campus Church.

It may be larger and more ornate than most independent Baptist churches, but at its heart—it’s still a local church. It just happens to be on a college campus.

Each Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night, students rub shoulders with faculty, staff, and other members who come to hear messages from God’s Word. Pastor Redlin and guest speakers encourage a close personal walk with the Lord and daily spiritual growth.

Through preaching each semester, you’ll be challenged. You’ll be encouraged. You’ll learn how to walk in faith, weather life’s storms, and reach others for Christ.

For many students, being a part of Campus Church doesn’t stop at attendance and personal growth. Hundreds choose to sing in the choir, help out in Master Clubs or nursery, or take part in community outreaches like Pensacola Day.

Hear Recent Messages