PCC Cares

The current state of our country has taken a toll on many, and while things have changed, PCC’s commitment remains the same: to help you meet your academic goals.

As a response to COVID-19, PCC Cares is an initiative to provide student solutions for the financial, academic, and health concerns you may have.

We are excited for the upcoming academic year and all that God has in store for us!


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PCC realizes that you and your family may have been impacted financially during the pandemic. We want to make college accessible and affordable—so our tuition is already the lowest you will find anywhere for a top-tier Christian academic institution. But in these unprecedented times, we are taking additional extraordinary steps to help every student financially.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Freeze

For the 2020–2021 school year, tuition will not increase but will remain frozen at the 2019–2020 tuition price for all new and returning students. (Room & Board and other fee rates will apply as listed in the 2020–2021 catalog.)

12-Month Payment Plan

To help personal budgeting with lower monthly payments, an optional 12-month payment plan for tuition, room and board is available for all full-time undergraduate students during the 2020–2021 school year—6 monthly payments per semester. This payment plan is interest-free and has no enlistment fee. You may choose either the 8- or 12-month payment plan at the time of your first payment, which is due no later than August 1. (Fees due according to catalog schedule.)

Students who have opted into the 12-month payment plan will only pay $500 for the first tuition payment each semester, and the remaining semester balance will be divided over the next 5 payments.

International Student Payment Plan

International students can choose to pay 50% of their college bill at the beginning of each semester and pay the remaining balance at midterms.


Throughout the 2020–2021 school year, students awarded scholarships on the 8-month payment plan will see the scholarship benefits reflected evenly on each tuition payment.

For students enrolled in the 12-month payment plan, the first payment of each semester will be $500, with the scholarship award divided among the remaining 10 payments.

Fourth Year Tuition-Free

Students enrolling in the Fourth Year Tuition-Free program will have the option to pay the $500 enlistment fee over the fall 2020 semester payments.

Textbook Credit

One of the biggest additional costs is books and supplies. To help ease that expense, every student will receive a $200 textbook/supplies credit for use at the PCC textbook sale and Campus Store at the beginning of the fall 2020 semester.

50% off Room and Board Options

New Incoming Students: Coming to college for the first time is a major financial adjustment. To help with initial semester costs during the fall 2020 semester, new incoming students will receive 50% off room and board.

Current Students with Fourth-Year-Free: Students with Fourth-Year-Free can borrow up to 50% of the 7th semester’s room and board cost. The money borrowed will be frozen at the fall 2020 room and board rate and will be paid back during the student’s 7th semester over the usual semester payments.

Current Students without Fourth-Year-Free: Students without Fourth-Year-Free will be able to defer 50% of the fall 2020 room and board cost until 6 months after their graduation date.*

*If students choose to withdraw before their graduation date, the deferred room and board payment is due in full immediately.

PCC Cares Fund

Staff, faculty, alumni, and friends of PCC can choose to make a tax-deductible donation to support students who have been financially impacted by the novel COVID-19 virus.

Your support will enable students to begin or continue meeting their academic goals for the 2020–2021 school year.

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Financial Aid Helpline

Have financial aid questions? Schedule an appointment to speak directly with a financial aid assistant.

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How do you sign up for PCC Cares?

You do not have to sign up for PCC Cares. As a PCC student, you will automatically be eligible for the PCC Cares initiative. If you want to opt into the 12-month payment plan, you may choose to do so at the time of your first payment.

Is the $200 textbook credit transferable to another student?

No; textbook credits are not transferable to another account. However, the $200 is yours to spend on any books and supplies (including any you wish to purchase for another student) in the book sale and Campus Store during the opening of the semester.

Can the $200 textbook credit be used to purchase supplies?

Yes; you can use the $200 textbook credit on books and supplies at the PCC book sale or the Campus Store.

Will taking online classes affect my Fourth-Year-Free scholarship?

No; as long as you remain a full-time student for three consecutive years, you will still receive the Fourth-Year-Free scholarship.

As a new incoming student, will PCC Cares affect my eligibility for scholarships?

No; students can still receive scholarships and Fourth Year Tuition-Free in conjunction with PCC Cares.


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Helping you prepare for the ministry and occupation to which God has called you is the essence of PCC’s mission and purpose. We understand that the very best academic experience comes when you have personal access to faculty, learning resources, and hands-on labs and technology.

Traditional Fall Course Offerings

So long as health conditions permit, traditional on-campus undergraduate and graduate courses will be offered for fall 2020 with adherence to CDC guidelines and local health department advisement.

Online Course Offerings

For students who cannot attend college due to CDC travel restrictions or health concerns, limited online learning options will be available to ensure continued academic progress. Resident and local students may also choose from these online course offerings to fill their schedule.

Students from COVID-19 hotspot locations will be given priority for online course offerings.

More details on specific remote course offerings will be provided at a later date.

Academic Advising

Personal academic support will be available to assist you in meeting your degree requirements, including choosing courses to help you make progress with your plan of study and transitioning to any possible online learning options.

College Entrance Exam Scores

The submission of an official college entrance test score will be waived for all new students applying for fall 2020.

Students who meet all other academic requirements for the Academic Honors Scholarship will be offered an alternative standardized test provided by PCC in place of the ACT/CLT/SAT to confirm scholarship eligibility.

Summer Graduate Courses

Summer graduate courses will be offered on campus, and additional online distance learning graduate courses will also be available as usual.

Is the number of students per class section going to be limited?

Yes; we are planning to have appropriate section sizes in adherence to CDC guidelines, current conditions, and local health department advisement. We are also providing select online classes to accommodate CDC recommendations.

Will the limited classroom sizes affect my graduation date?

No; if needed, we will look at each student’s schedule and make sure that it will not affect the student’s anticipated graduation date.

How does the waived SAT/ACT score affect freshmen entering the nursing program?

The SAT/ACT scores are used to determine student entry into a 1- or 2-year pre-nursing program. This year, we are allowing students to choose the option that best fits them and their academic background.

Is the start date for the Fall 2020 semester changing?

No; there have been no changes in the calendar at this time.

How will practicums, internships, clinicals, and preceptorships that need to be finished in order to graduate be affected?
  • Practicums and Internships: Our Career Services team is actively helping students find alternative ways to meet practicum and internship requirements.
  • PCA Internships: PCA internships will continue as normal with adherence to CDC guidelines and local health department advisement.
  • Clinicals and Preceptorships: We are planning to work with local hospitals to determine availability. If availability is limited, we will have alternative plans to meet degree requirements.

Contact Career Services if you need help or assistance.


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PCC is committed to taking every precaution against the introduction or spread of COVID-19 on campus. We recognize that some preventive measures may be inconvenient; however, the health and safety of our students is first and foremost our top priority.

Healthy Campus Practices

Proactive measures will continually be taken to be responsive to CDC guidelines, current conditions, and local health department advisement including

  • Appropriate social distancing
  • Health screening as needed
  • Increased cleaning frequency
  • Disinfecting high-touch surfaces
  • Personal protective equipment encouraged, including face masks as needed
  • Availability of isolation and quarantine facilities

Residence Hall Information

The number of occupants per residence hall room will be determined by current conditions as described in the State of Florida reopening plan, CDC guidelines, and local health department advisories.

Student Activities and Events

Per current health advisories, major student activities and events may be modified, and facility maximum capacities will be limited.

Response Taskforce

PCC’s Response Taskforce will continue to monitor conditions and advise accordingly. To see the latest coronavirus updates, visit go.pcci.edu/COVID-19.

Will parents be allowed to help their student move onto campus for the Fall 2020 semester?

Our goal would be to allow parents on campus and in the residence halls to help students move in. We will continue to follow all CDC guidelines, the state of Florida reopening plan, and local health department advisement as we look forward to the Fall 2020 semester.

How will church and chapel be affected in the fall?

PCC has multiple venues to allow proper social distancing for in-person church and chapel services. Campus Church has resumed in-person services. We will continue to follow CDC guidelines and local health department advisories as we look forward to the fall semester.

What will you do if you run out of residence hall rooms?

It is possible that we will have to cap enrollment due to health and occupant restrictions per local health authorities and CDC guidelines. New incoming students should work with their admissions advisor to secure their spot for the fall.

If a student is from a hotspot location and unable to return to campus, how will this affect the student’s classes and enrollment?

Students from hotspot locations who are unable to return to campus can still be enrolled at PCC for the fall. To continue their education, these students will be given priority for online classes. Due to the limited number of online classes offered, we cannot guarantee that every course you will need to take will be available online.

How does PCC Cares affect contract workers?

Contract workers can benefit from all of these provisions, and they are not excluded in any way; however, the payment plan may affect them because their earnings go directly to their school bill.

Is the summer work program still available for students?

Many summer work students have already returned to campus and have started working. If you are not sure about the status of a summer work position you have applied for, call Student Employment to verify.

The Florida governor requires a 14-day quarantine when people from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Louisiana arrive in Florida. How is PCC going to handle students arriving from these states in the fall?

If the 14-day quarantine is still in effect by the fall, we will follow all CDC and local health department guidelines.

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