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Online Dual Enrollment Dates and Deadlines

Term Dates

Like your high school classes, dual enrollment courses have set begin and end dates. But they follow a college schedule, separate from your high school’s. Look below for the most important dates coming up.

  • Registration—Apr. 15–May 13
  • Begins—May 14
  • Ends—Aug. 13

  • Registration—Aug. 3–Aug. 30
  • Begins—Aug. 31
  • Ends—Dec. 15

Course Deadlines

For assignments, tests, and quizzes, you’ll have suggested completion dates. But don’t worry! They're easy to keep track of.

When you log in to Canvas, you can see when everything is due by checking the syllabus page or your course calendar. You can also download the Canvas app on your smartphone to check deadlines. You should try to stay on the suggested semester schedule as carefully as possible but just remember that all assignments must be submitted before the end of the course to receive credit.