Physical Education

Physical Education

Secondary Education Major—Physical Education Concentration, Bachelor of Science Degree

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With today’s entertainment- and technology-saturated culture, youth give less attention to exercise and healthful living, making the physical education field increasingly crucial. Camps, schools, and churches need well-trained directors, teachers, and coaches who can promote a biblical view of exercise and enable young people to reach their optimum health. PCC’s physical education (PE) concentration equips students with the skills, knowledge, and biblical philosophies to serve in those and other roles successfully.

The purpose of the secondary education major is to prepare students to teach in a Christian school by equipping them with a Christian-traditional philosophy of subject content and teaching methods, practical teaching skills, and a servant’s heart.

Students in the secondary education PE concentration must also choose a second teaching field.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the secondary education program will be able to

  • apply a Christian-traditional philosophy of education to purposes, content, and methods of teaching;
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of subject content unique to their selected concentration and second teaching field;
  • demonstrate proficiency in the use of methods and materials appropriate for the traditional secondary classroom;
  • organize, establish, and manage an effective learning environment;
  • demonstrate knowledge of the learner with ability to teach him;
  • teach effectively in a Christian junior high or high school;
  • integrate biblical Christian values in teaching; and
  • exhibit the professional qualities required of successful teachers.
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Career Possibilities

  • Teacher
  • Coach
  • Athletic director
  • Camp director
  • Church sports coordinator

The physical education field is different than the other education fields in so many aspects that you really need different training from most of the normal education courses you will take. From safety concerns, injuries, management of big classes in larger spaces, and the physical demands of a PE teacher, PCC’s education department sharpened the tools and gave me the training that I needed to be prepared.

Zach W. ’14