Secondary Education

Secondary Education Major

Secondary Education Major—Bachelor of Science Degree

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Become an Effective Educator

Many people consider their teachers from junior and senior high school to be significant influences on their lives. Teachers who have a heart for students, mastery of their subject areas, and skill as educators possess tremendous opportunities to inspire secondary students both academically and spiritually.

Education students begin their studies by forming a strong biblical philosophy, designed to teach them to exercise discernment as they analyze educational trends. Studying traditional teaching methods and gaining extensive teaching experience both with their classmates and in actual classes at Pensacola Christian Academy, students become highly trained, effective teachers who are ready to enter the classroom immediately after graduation.

The culmination of the education degree is an internship at Pensacola Christian Academy, where senior education majors refine their skills under the mentorship of experienced teachers.

To give each graduate many opportunities for ministry and employment, every secondary education student chooses both a major concentration and a second teaching field. With a strong background in more than one academic area, education alumni are capable, flexible teachers who can easily adapt to the needs of employers. The leadership, classroom management, and communication skills cultivated in the education program, as well as proficiency in the student’s chosen teaching fields, open doors for countless possibilities after graduation.


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Second Teaching Fields

Career Possibilities

  • Christian school teacher
  • School administrator
  • Public speaker
  • Missions
  • Homeschool
  • Church ministry

PCC helped prepare me for teaching because of the practical knowledge that the teachers instilled in me during student teaching. Perhaps the greatest preparation was learning how to manage a classroom successfully by setting boundaries and routines to help students succeed. Then as a student teacher, I had the chance to put that knowledge into practice during my internship at PCA.

PCC prepares Christian school teachers to be servants, which is essential in being a part of a Christian school ministry because you could be called upon to do many things above and beyond the normal teaching duties.

Wesley C. ’93
Principal, Coshocton Christian School (Coshocton, OH)