Coursework and Assistance

Faculty, Chairs, and Deans

Faculty members are available to answer any academic questions during their posted office hours or by appointment, except for midterm and final exam weeks.

Academic chairs and deans are also available to help you. Make an appointment through the chair or dean’s office.

Academic Success

The Academic Success Office (Academic Ctr. 1st floor) is available to help students develop effective study habits, test-taking strategies, time-management skills, and other skills that contribute to general academic success.


If you would like extra academic help, Eagle’s Nest lists available tutors.

Writing Support Services

Free writing assistance is provided by Writing Support Services. Schedule an appointment on Eagle’s Nest.

Typing Papers

PCC’s standard for appropriate style and form for class papers is found in Kate Turabian’s A Manual for Writers (9th edition). Eagle’s Nest gives helpful information to simplify some of Turabian’s instructions.

Those who type papers for other students are expected to reproduce the text verbatim. Corrections, whether grammatical, spelling, or otherwise, should be done solely by the author. Students should not ask office personnel to do typing for them.

Intellectual Property

Pensacola Christian College retains ownership of all intellectual property created by its employees, students, or any other individual using college facilities, equipment, or funds. Intellectual property includes, but is not limited to, dissertations, articles, photographs, videos, software programs, artwork, music, schematics, inventions, etc. and may not be transferred or distributed without the written consent of the College.