In the Classroom

Academic procedures help maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning and free from distraction. To gain the most benefit from your studies, you should plan to attend class and participate appropriately in classroom experiences.

You will find the classroom atmosphere at PCC ideal for college-level learning. Be respectfully attentive to faculty instruction, take notes, and actively participate. Classroom lectures may only be recorded for use by PCC’s Online Learning Office; no other audio or video recording is permitted.

To keep your focus on the class and avoid distracting others, do not carry on personal conversations, study for other classes, or leave the room except for a legitimate emergency or sudden illness. Please keep your cell phone on silent (not vibrate) and out of use during class. Other than taking notes, technology should not be in use.

You may take a sealable bottle of water into the classroom (except for labs) at the instructor’s discretion, but should otherwise not bring food or drink to class. You may bring laptop computers and tablets to class if they are charged to run on battery power.

If you have vision or hearing problems or other special needs, notify your faculty to arrange suitable seating for you.