Dining Services

Dining Facilities Options

As a residence hall student, you have three dining options for the meals included in your room and board—Four Winds, Varsity, or Grab N Go. You may choose only one dining option for each meal (e.g., tapping for lunch at Varsity or Four Winds). For a change of pace, you can choose to purchase meals, snacks, coffee, or desserts from The Palms, Common Grounds Café, and The Hut (located in the Sports Center).

Dining Facilities Reminders
  • Tables may not be moved.
  • Study materials may not be brought into the dining facility except at breakfast.
  • Food or drink may not be brought into or taken out of the facilities with the exception of ice cream cones.
  • Enjoy the buffet lines, but please refrain from excessive waste. (Excessive food waste is subject to a $5 charge.)
  • Guests who have registered at the Information Desk in the Administration Building may present their guest badge and purchase a meal ticket.