Medical Services

On-Campus Primary Care

The Graf Clinic, operated by Baptist Medical Group of Pensacola, is a primary care clinic conveniently located on campus between Coberly Hall and Bradley Tower.

On weekdays, a doctor or nurse practitioner is available by appointment to meet student primary care needs (see Eagle’s Nest for details).

Fees incurred for on-campus labs, diagnostic testing, and pharmaceuticals will be applied to the student’s account at the time of service.

Clinic visits are not an automatic excuse for missing a required activity (e.g., class meeting, chapel, etc.). Unless students are experiencing significant illness or injury, they should plan their visit around required activities. If unavoidable, activity absences may be reviewed through Attendance and Conduct each week.

After-hours health needs and serious illnesses or injuries are referred to off-campus medical facilities associated with one of three area hospitals.


Residence hall student visits to the Graf Clinic are covered by the Health Services fee.

The Clinic may ask a student to return later in the day or the next day to see a medical professional; if he agrees to return but fails to show up, he may be charged $10 for missing his appointment.

The cost of lab draws, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and other medically related expenses will be discussed at the student’s visit and applied to his college account. Students should view the current catalog for information on semester fees.

Off-Campus Appointments

The Clinic can assist students in scheduling off-campus appointments and recommend area specialists who can meet their needs. Students are responsible for the cost of these appointments either through their healthcare insurance or out of pocket; the cost of off-campus appointments cannot be applied to their college account. PCC does not accept financial responsibility or provide insurance for students needing emergency medical care, hospitalization, or off-campus medical attention. Students are responsible either to provide their own health insurance coverage, or coverage through their parents, or to pay the cost themselves.

Transportation is the student’s responsibility. The clinic can assist with transportation on weekdays with 24-hours’ notice at no additional expense to him.

Students should follow normal procedures for leaving campus, and remember not to schedule an appointment during scheduled activities. If missing a required activity is unavoidable, students should submit a day pass with an explanation. If the student’s doctor recommends that he rest, the student will want to “scan to room sick” at his residence hall lobby desk. The attendance policy addresses medical-related class absences.

Non-Emergency and Elective Surgery

Consult with Student Life before scheduling surgery.

Checking into Room When Sick

If students are sick but do not need medical care, they should tap “Check In (Sick)” at their residence hall lobby desk and stay in their room for the rest of the day. They may still go to meals and off campus to a medical facility or pharmacy; however, the student should not attend or participate in classes, church, chapel, athletics, or social events. Students must be checked in sick before an event (class, church, chapel, or other required events) starts. Student Life personnel will come by throughout the day to make sure students are okay and get them help if needed. If students are sick on a third consecutive day, it is recommended that they visit the Graf Clinic or an off-campus facility for medical assistance.

If a student is missing work, it is his responsibility to notify his work supervisor prior to his scheduled work time. Should a student miss any classes, he should follow up with his teachers for missed assignments.

If students miss any church service, they should attend video church the following Saturday. The dress, location, and times for video church are located on Eagle’s Nest. Failure to attend will result in demerits.