End of Semester

No student may leave early at the close of either semester. Do not request—or have your parents request—an exception to this policy. Please see the Academic calendar for advanced end-of-semester planning.

Fall Semester

All classes will transition to an online format on Monday, November 30. Whether returning to campus or remaining at home following the Thanksgiving break, students must complete their work responsibilities and officially check out of their residence hall rooms prior to departure. Checkout procedures will be published on Eagle’s Nest.

Spring Semester

Residence hall students will need to stay on campus the last Thursday of the semester before Friday Commencement.

Students must properly check out of their residence hall room, and stay through Commencement and all work responsibilities. With the semester ending at approximately noon on Friday, it is recommended that flights not be booked until after 2 p.m.

Late Departure

Fall semester room and board covers through lunch on Thursday.

Spring semester room and board covers through breakfast on Friday.

Students attending any additional meals will be charged the regular price for each meal. Students who remain in the residence hall overnight will be charged $32 per day for late departure room and board (meals are included with late departure room and board).