Maintenance and Damages

Students are responsible to protect against potentially harmful conditions and any activity that might result in damage or injury.

At the beginning of each semester, each roommate will sign a Room Condition Report regarding the physical condition of the room. It is important that each roommate assess the condition of the room, as students are held responsible for damages that occur during their stay.

As part of checkout in December/May, your RA will review your Room Condition Report and compare damages that have occurred during the semester. Charges for repair will be assessed to the responsible party and if not determined, each roommate will share in the cost of repair.

For room maintenance needs, submit a maintenance request on Eagle’s Nest. Notify your RA of damage. Report emergency maintenance situations immediately to your RA. Helpful information:

  • Since thermostats are sensitive and easily damaged, tampering with the device may result in restitution up to $700.
  • Leave at least 12 inches of space in front of A/C vents to maintain proper air flow.
  • Door locks broken as a result of student tampering or horseplay may incur restitution up to $800.
  • To avoid malfunctions, do not prop or hold elevator doors open.
  • If drains are clogged and will not clear when plunged, do not use Drano or other commercial drain openers. Fill out a Maintenance Request Form on Eagle’s Nest. Emergency requests, such as clogged toilets, need to be reported immediately. All emergencies after 4:15 p.m. and on weekends/holidays need to be reported to the RA, desk worker, or Safety and Security immediately.

Students should be aware that routine measures are taken to maintain college facilities and to respond to problems that arise. College personnel may enter any college building at any time, including residence halls, to perform routine maintenance, clean, make repairs, respond to an alarm or emergency, etc. To protect privacy and safety, men will be escorted when entering the women’s residence halls unless it is an emergency that requires the responder to have immediate access. Notify Safety and Security immediately if there is any suspicion of unauthorized access to college facilities.