Residence Hall Life

Town Student Eligibility

Single students 23 and older may live off campus alone or with others of the same gender. Students under 23 may live with parents, grandparents, or a married aunt and uncle. Approval to live with grandparents or a married aunt and uncle must be given by the student’s parents and the Student Life Office. Contact the Student Life Office for approval.

Residency Status

Students changing their residency status should do so on Eagle’s Nest.

Students whose circumstances necessitate withdrawing from the College are to go to the Student Life Office during regular office hours to formally withdraw.


Rooms may have up to four occupants. Your room will have twin-size beds, closet and dresser space, a desk, chairs, shelving, and a mini fridge with freezer. Your room may have an adjoining suite with a shared connecting bathroom.

Students with specific housing questions may refer to these links for 23 and Older Housing or Town Student Eligibility.

Students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree from PCC may request to be placed in 23 and older housing even if they are under 23.

Campus House

Residents of Campus House will be issued an additional access card (to be returned at the end of each semester) for entry to the building and individual rooms. This card may not be given out or loaned. Please report lost cards to your Residence Manager immediately.


Coberly north is reserved for male students and Coberly south for female students. Students may not be in opposite-gender wings. Residents of Coberly will enter through the main lobby and are free to socialize or study there from 5:30 a.m. (Monday–Saturday) or 7 a.m. (Sunday) until quiet hours begin. Visiting students under 23 should show their PCC Card to the desk worker and proceed directly to their friend’s residence room. Only Coberly residents may socialize in the lobby.

Roommate Requests

Current students will submit roommate requests through the eRez system via Eagle’s Nest. Roommate requests for the school year will close August 1. If you are a new student, you can submit a request through the Applicant Portal.

Room Change Requests

New students may meet with Student Life over Opening Weekend if there is a question regarding room assignments.

Requests for returning students to change rooms are considered after the first week of classes. As expressed in our Philosophy/Code of Conduct, it is invaluable for students to put forth effort to adjust to a new room environment before considering a change. If you have an extreme situation (such as health concerns), please talk to your Residence Manager during their office hours.

A $25 room change fee will be applied for any room change after check-in. Students who change rooms without approval from Student Life are subject to a $100 fine.