Room Decor

Personal items in your room should leave no doubt that you are a Christian student at a Christ-centered institution. Considerations listed below will be helpful as you plan to personalize your room.

  • Pictures may not depict anything contrary to the College Code of Conduct.
  • Sticky tack and removable, nonmarking adhesive strips may be used on any surface; however, do not use nails, screws, or tape. Tacks may be used only on bulletin boards. Damages caused are the responsibility of each individual.
  • Window curtains are permissible, but no other decorations or writing should be placed on the windows.
  • Battery-operated decorative lights are permissible.
  • To avoid being charged for damage, consider placing a protective layer between metal hangers and doors, hinges, or frames.
  • Ceiling tiles are not to be removed or altered.
  • Nothing should be hung from the ceiling, smoke detector, thermostat, light fixture, or sprinkler heads. Items need to be kept 18 inches away from sprinkler heads and fire alarms.
  • All rooms should have a door card indicating each resident’s name.
  • Furniture cannot impede entering or exiting the room. Because of limited space, rooms cannot accommodate sofas or large chairs/tables.
  • For your safety, beds are not to be stacked three high, separated, or elevated on top of any kind of riser.