Getting Involved

College life is so much more than just classes. The events listed below will broaden your horizons and enrich your experience as a student. Check your registration materials and the facilities schedule on Eagle’s Nest for more information.

Collegians and Greek Rush

Identified by a mascot and Greek letters, collegians are student organizations that provide opportunities for sports, Christian service, leadership, and outings. If you are a new student, you will get to join one of PCC’s forty-eight collegians at the end of the second week.

You will be able to visit collegian booths and watch the Greek Rush Parade to help you determine which collegian to join.

Academic Clubs

Academic clubs are student-led organizations overseen by a faculty sponsor. These clubs meet approximately once a month and provide a forum where club members, alumni, and professionals in the field can network and discuss current topics. If a club is intended for students in a specific major, that limitation is indicated when club meetings are announced. Students who are interested in starting an academic club and who have a PCC faculty member willing to serve as the sponsor should contact the Student Activities Office for information about the approval process and club guidelines.


Consider trying out for PCC’s intercollegiate teams: Eagles basketball and soccer or Lady Eagles basketball and volleyball. PCC is a member of the NCCAA (National Christian College Athletic Association).

You can also get involved in a wide variety of intramural collegian sports, ranging from soccer and flag football to broom hockey, kayaking, and paintball. Learn more about these events in your collegian meetings, or ask your collegian’s athletic director.

Eagles Blue Crew

One way you can get involved is through the Eagles Blue Crew. This is a coed group of athletes who work together to engage fans at Eagles events by leading chants and performing tumbling and stunting skills.


Each semester, current students can go on numerous off-campus outings—zip lining and playing games at Camp o’ the Pines, canoeing, or attending local baseball games are just a few options.

Student Leadership

The purpose of student leadership opportunities is to train students in leadership skills through various college functions and to provide the students an avenue for input on co-curricular and extracurricular activities that enhance their spiritual, intellectual, moral, cultural, and social development. Student leaders have a valuable influence in our campus community. Officers are elected to lead student organizations like Student Body, Mission Prayer Band, and collegians. Collegian presidents also form the Pan-Hellenic Council, which assists the College in overseeing collegian activities by discussing new ideas and making recommendations.

Christian Service

You may volunteer to minister through various Christian Service ministries, including Bible clubs, juvenile detention, personal evangelism, nursing homes, and special needs outreach. The Christian Service Expo at the beginning of each semester showcases each Christian service and encourages you to be involved.


Mission Prayer Band is a voluntary student group that meets weekly to pray for and learn more about mission fields. Visiting missionaries and mission board representatives encourage students to consider mission work, summer mission trips, and prayer needs of missionaries.