23 & Older

Attendance Responsibilities


Collegian meetings are optional. You may stay in your room, leave campus, or go to The Palms, Library, or computer labs.

Sunday School

You may attend the Sunday school of your academic class, the 23-and-older class, or the senior Sunday school class of your choice.

Off-Campus Guidelines

You may go off campus with nonstudents, town students, or other 23-and-older students of the opposite gender without a chaperone provided you have an approved pass. You may go off with a residence hall student under 23 of the opposite gender with their parent’s permission and with an approved pass. However, do not go in mixed groups to the beach, to the home or hotel of an unmarried person of the opposite gender, or to parks after dark.

You do not need to scan off campus to locations such as local malls, restaurants, doctor’s offices, etc. However, a pass is necessary under certain conditions, such as when staying off campus overnight, in a mixed group, missing a required activity, or when going to a staff/GA home or apartment.

When staying overnight with a friend or family member, you do not need to have parental permission; however, accommodations should be appropriate and may not include staying overnight with a single person of the opposite gender.