Music has the potential to direct thoughts and emotions, and it reflects values and philosophies. Music can either encourage biblical thinking and actions or promote worldly ideals. While not all music must be religious or sacred, it is healthy for Christians to develop a conscience for music that honors God. In accordance with Philippians 4:8, acceptable music focuses on what is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous, and praiseworthy. Such music builds an appreciation for beauty, does not desensitize to worldly living, and can be capable of turning hearts toward the things of Christ.

While there is a wide range of musical styles and artists, finding appropriate music requires discernment. Certain types of music that are typically not associated with sensual or inappropriate themes and are generally acceptable include classical and semi-classical, traditional and patriotic, concert and marching band, and hymns and choruses. Any music that promotes worldly values or associations in its lyrics or style should be avoided. Whether or not the lyrics are Christian, music in the style of contemporary Christian, country, jazz, rock, rap, R&B, or pop is prohibited and may not be in a student’s possession or used on or off campus.

The seductive nature and worldly music of most forms of dancing are contrary to biblical principles. PCC wants students to have a wholesome relationship with members of the opposite gender without the temptations that are often associated with dancing, so dancing is not permitted.

Consideration for Others

Students are encouraged to use discernment when listening to or playing music so that it is not a distraction to others. Students should plan to play musical instruments outdoors or in designated practice areas—practice studios, residence hall rooms where others aren’t studying or working on assignments, or outside along the Commons wall. Students should control volume as appropriate to the setting or consider using headphones/earbuds as permitted in the following areas:

  • Residence Halls
  • Library
  • Workout Rooms in the Sports Center and Field House
  • Athletic Fields/Field House (except for games open to all students)
  • Computer Labs
  • Practice Studios/Rehearsal Spaces
  • VPA Labs/Education Labs (when class is not in session)
  • Off Campus

To maintain a social environment, headphones/earbuds may be used only in the above locations—not when walking across campus. They must be kept out of ears or put away until students reach their location.


To provide an atmosphere free from distraction of prevalent worldly influences and to encourage academic focus, the College has established the following entertainment standards:

Any media or form of entertainment (regardless of rating)—including but not limited to television, movies, books, magazines, apps, computer and video games—which contains violence, sensual or demonic themes, suggestive dress, profanity, or rock music is not permitted on or off campus. Students are not to attend movie theaters, rent movies, or watch movies on mobile devices. Apps and computer/video games rated T or PEGI 12 and below may be played. First-person shooter games are not permitted.

Media resources are provided in the Library, and various events are broadcasted in the Sports Center; however, it is not permissible to watch any other movies or television on campus. When visiting homes off campus, students may watch movies rated G or PG; however, ratings of PG-13, R, or X are prohibited. Discretion also needs to be used in watching television, as programs labeled D, S, L, or V are not acceptable.