Town Students

Student services available to town students encourage growth spiritually, intellectually, morally, culturally, and socially. College life is not just living in the residence halls; it is involvement in Christian service, participation in campus sports and performing arts, interaction with friends, and taking advantage of available student resources. Town students are expected to read and abide by the entire Handbook, live according to the PCC Code of Conduct, and are encouraged to be involved in the overall college experience. Additional procedures outlined below are unique to town students.

Town Student Eligibility

Single students 23 and older may live off campus alone or with others of the same gender. Students under 23 may live with parents, grandparents, or a married aunt and uncle. Approval to live with grandparents or a married aunt and uncle must be given by the student’s parents and the Student Life Office. Contact the Student Life Office for approval.

Attendance Requirements

Campus Church

If you have moved to the area to attend PCC, you are not considered a permanent resident and are therefore expected to attend all Campus Church services. Town students must submit a monthly church attendance form on Eagle’s Nest by the fifth of each month. They will also have their Sunday school attendance recorded weekly in their Sunday school class. You may not miss Sunday services at the Campus Church more than once per month. Requests for exceptions should be submitted to Student Life.

Opening Convocation

Attendance at Opening Convocation each semester is required for town students. See the Calendar for times and dates. Students should tap their PCC Cards after each service at the Crowne Centre main Atrium desk.


Any student on campus, whether for work or class, before 12 noon Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fri. is required to attend chapel. Students should go to the third floor balcony for seating and to tap their PCC Cards for attendance at the main doors. Those working through chapel will be required to attend video chapel. Check Eagle’s Nest for times and locations.

Fine Arts Series

Students taking twelve or more hours must reserve tickets and attend all Fine Arts Series. Although part-time students are not required to attend Fine Arts Series, they may reserve tickets and attend if they choose to do so. Children under 6 will not be admitted.

Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflections is a Campus Church service held twice during each semester. Town students who do not attend Campus Church are not required to attend unless they are participants in the service.


Attendance is required at recitals and forums as designated by your major or instructor.

Bible Conference

Those taking twelve or more hours need to attend all Bible Conference services. Students taking fewer than twelve hours must attend two services per day. Students should tap their PCC Cards after each service at the Crowne Centre main Atrium desk.

Student Body/Class Meetings/Collegian Meetings

Student Body, class meetings, and collegian meetings, are required for town students taking nine or more hours who have class before noon on Wed. For Student Body, students should go to the third floor balcony for seating and tap their PCC Cards for attendance at the center doors by the elevator. Class and collegian meeting locations are posted on Eagle’s Nest.

  • Exception: Married students and students 23 and older are not required to attend.
Class Cuts

Town students taking class cuts are under the class cut guidelines.

Closing Convocation

Town students who have a final exam prior to 12 noon on Wednesday morning must attend the 10:05 a.m. Closing Convocation service, and tap their cards for attendance at the 3rd floor balcony.

Commencement Week

Students taking twelve or more hours must attend Commencement week activities and tap their PCC Card at the Crowne Centre main Atrium desk. Modest business-casual attire is appropriate. Men should wear dress slacks and collared shirts, and ladies should wear skirts or dresses.


You should call 850-494-6747 (a no-reply message service) each day you are sick and indicate all classes and required activities that you will be missing. These absences are general absences, which count toward the attendance policy. You may be notified to make up missed required activities.

Once you have called in sick, rest or recuperate at home or visit a medical facility/doctor’s office/pharmacy. You should not attend or participate in classes, chapel, athletics, or social events. You must call in sick before an event (class, chapel, church, etc.) starts, or you will not be covered for missing the event. If you are missing work, it is your responsibility to notify your work supervisor prior to your scheduled work time. If you miss any classes, follow up with your teachers for missed assignments.

Graf Clinic services are available. Town students are charged $15 per visit. The Clinic may ask you to return later in the day or the next day to see a medical professional; if you agree to return, but fail to show up, you may be charged $10 for missing your appointment.

Protection of Personal Possessions

  • Do not leave personal belongings in public areas.
  • Borrowing without permission will be dealt with as stealing.
  • Show respect for others’ property. Do not handle other students’ possessions without permission.


You are welcome to eat in the Four Winds, Varsity, or Grab N Go with a 5 meal pass purchased from the Business Office for $450 per semester. This pass can be used for any meal through the week with the following guidelines:

  • 5 scans per week maximum
  • 3 scans per day maximum
  • 1 scan per meal maximum

If you bring lunch from home, you are welcome to eat in the Commons.

Single Town Students

Since protecting your testimony is vitally important, do not go to the beach in mixed groups, be at local parks after dark, or visit in the home or hotel room of an unmarried member of the opposite gender.

Married Students

Married students live off campus; however, you and your spouse may be involved on campus in many ways, like watching sporting events, using the Library, attending church services, visiting with friends, shopping at the Campus Store, or eating at The Palms. Your family is also welcome to enjoy West Campus (see Eagle’s Nest for times and directions). We expect spouses, as a part of our PCC family, to maintain the same standards as our students, both on and off campus.

Visiting in the Residence Halls

You are welcome to visit in residence halls. Show your current PCC Card and sign in at the residence hall desk. If you are visiting a student, you should be escorted to the room by the resident and leave when the building closes. Students under 23 going to Ballard may visit in their friends’ rooms, but should not loiter in the lobby.

Eagle’s Nest

You can access the Eagle’s Nest website from off campus via This link will prove a valuable resource for your campus e-mail, chapel announcements, online forms, and many other schedules and resources you may need.