Computer Science and Software Engineering

Computer Science

Computing Major—Computer Science Concentration, Bachelor of Science Degree

See also Cybersecurity and Information Technology

Design Innovative Solutions to Meet Consumers’ Computer Needs

Companies need employees with the skill to analyze a problem, design a solution, and write software based on that design. In this advancing field, employers seek qualified software engineers who have a well-rounded understanding of their field in order to get desired results.

PCC’s computer science concentration combines current practices with practical skills to produce competent employees. Using proven software engineering principles, students develop skills in large-scale software development and receive a strong background in theoretical and mathematical concepts in a team-based environment. Gaining understanding in areas such as networks, databases, and e-business, students become valuable assets to future employers.

Seniors apply their knowledge by completing a two-semester software engineering project in which they design, create, test, implement, and maintain a large software system and then present their products during the annual Software Expo. This project provides excellent practical experience and has been a tremendous asset to graduates as they encounter similar situations in their careers.

Comprehensive computer training combined with a broad liberal arts base gives students both the skills needed to succeed in the computer field and the insight necessary to understand the perspectives of a variety of clients. Upon graduation, students have the required background to enter the field or further their studies in a graduate program.

The purpose of the computer science concentration is to prepare students to design and develop software systems and computing solutions which solve real-world problems within a team environment. Students are also trained to apply formal software development practices as well as to pursue continued learning to maintain currency and relevance in today’s increasing technological society.

See computing major program educational objectives and learning outcomes.

Additional Learning Outcome

Graduates of the computer science concentration will also demonstrate the following outcome:

  • Theory—apply computer science theory and software development fundamentals to produce computing-based solutions.
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High School Preparation

Recommended high school preparation for a computer science concentration is two units of algebra. Opportunities are available to make up this deficiency. In this case, time required to complete a computer science concentration could be expected to increase.

Career Possibilities

  • Computer programmer
  • Applications developer
  • Network administrator
  • Software engineer
  • Software designer

I am confident that I have been fully prepared for my future. One part of that preparation was being able to participate in the senior software engineering project, where I gained hands-on experience in developing software. I was able to take what I had learned in my classes during the previous three years and apply it to the needs of a real client as we designed a database-driven website. We were able to showcase this as well as other software projects at our annual Software Expo, where people could try our applications. I know I’ve gained skills that I will be able to use.

Seth P. ’09